Reasons To Visit Italy In The Spring

Spring is always a wonderful time of year. The weather starts to get just a little bit brighter and people start to emerge from the winter haze to embrace the New Year and all of the amazing possibilities that it presents. There are few places in the world that are more beautiful during the springtime than Italy, which is why so many people choose this time of year to explore the culture, history and the vineyards that have all contributed to Italy becoming one of the foremost destinations for tourists in the world.

Still not convinced? There are many reasons why you might choose to take a trip into Italy during the spring, with all of the below being amongst the most convincing.

The Weather

Italy is a beautiful country to experience during the summer, but there is no getting away from the fact that it can get very warm, especially if you decide to venture towards the southern tip of the country. Many people who are not accustomed to this sort of heat often end up finding that their trips are made a little less pleasant because the struggle to muster up the energy they need to explore everything that they want to see.

This is not an issue in the spring. In fact, many visitors find that the temperatures are just right a little earlier in the year. You can still enjoy some warmth, but the cool breezes that you will enjoy, particularly from the Mediterranean, will help you to feel just a little more comfortable. Better yet, for those who don’t enjoy spending time in temperate climates, this lower temperature ensures that they feel energized and don’t have to deal with difficult sleep or any of the other issues that people who aren’t fans of the heat have to contend with.

Avoiding The Crowds

Given that Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, it should come as no surprise that you will need to deal with crowds of people if you choose to visit during the summer, especially if you go to one of the more heavily-populated cities. While some people thrive in this environment, it can make it a little more difficult to experience the things that you want to see during your visit.

However, if you head over to Italy in the spring you will find that the crowds are much thinner, allowing you to soak up the sights and sounds of the great Italian cities without having to deal with the anxiety that can often develop when you are engulfed in large crowds of people. Better yet, if you decide to visit the countryside, you will find that you meet few people beside the locals, which allows you to ingratiate yourself into Italian culture a little more. The streets will certainly not be empty in the major cities during this time of year, but you should find it much easier to get around and enjoy yourself during the spring.

The Locals

As previously mentioned, there is something about spring that seems to lead to a sense of euphoria developing in many people. Whether it is the excitement of seeing the New Year start to demonstrate its possibilities or the simple joys of seeing nature come to life, spring has a way of affecting people that no other season has the ability to do.

This is especially true of the people of Italy, who seem to come to life as spring approaches. You will have the chance to meet many locals who will be as delighted to see you as you are to see them. Furthermore, you will also find that many people who live in Italy tend to pack up their bags and leave the country during the summer, right around when the tourist season starts in earnest. As such, if you want to meet people who live and breathe the country, it is often best to visit in the spring, when the crowds are thinner and everybody has been infused with the amazing powers of the springtime.

It’s Goof For The Wallet

As stunning as Italy can be during the summer months, there is no getting away from the fact that it can cost a lot of money to visit some of the major cities during the peak tourist seasons. For many, this makes the country inaccessible if they are determined to visit during the summer.

For those who are less ardent in their desires though, visiting in the spring allows you to enjoy everything that you would have enjoyed during the summer, often at a much lower price. Cheaper airfares and hotel room rates can be found during the spring, likely because there is a little less demand for them during this time of year. As such, if you ae holidaying on a budget you are going to find that visiting Italy is a lot more affordable during this time of year, while still offering the weather and sights that you would hope for from a holiday.

The Vineyards

Finally, we come to the main reason why many wine enthusiasts choose to visit Italy during the spring: the vineyards. With the entire country coming into bloom as the spring starts to take hold, there is no better time of the year to explore the many vineyards that are home to the grapes that are used in the creation of your favourite wines.

You will get to see the vines just as they start their journeys towards maturation, which means you can learn enormous amounts from the people who tend the fields about what they need to do to ensure the vines stay strong and capable of providing the fruit that is needed for truly great wine. Better yet, there are few sights more beautiful than that of an Italian vineyard just starting to come into bloom, which is all the more reason to get to Italy and start exploring the countryside, especially if you are a fan of Italian wine.



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