Murè Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives

For so many Italian wine producers, family lies at the heart of everything that they do. If you look at the history of some of the great producers, you’ll find endless stories of vineyards that have been passed down through the generations, and are run by the same family now as they were hundreds of years ago.

We’ve shone a spotlight on many of these companies in past reviews. Some are fairly new to the wine industry, whereas others have been a part of it for decades, or even centuries. The thing that ties them all together is that dedication to the family unit, which seems to lend their wines an extra something that can’t come from mass-produced wines.

Such is the case with the company that we are going to shine the spotlight on today. For 12 generations, this company has been making some result remarkable wines, that we think all of you should take the time to experience. We’ll talk about one of those wines in more detail at the end of the article. But first, let’s find out more about the family history that lies behind the wonderful Domaine Muré.

The History

The story starts way back in the 17th century, which was when the family’s ancestor, Michel Muré first established himself as a wine producer. Based in Southern Alsace, Muré founded his own wine company in 1650, giving it his name in the process. He developed something of a reputation for himself as one of the premier winemakers in the Westhalten region, and a long running dynasty was formed. Perhaps not even Michel himself could have thought that his little wine company would stand the test of the time and still be standing, over 350 years later.

The company doesn’t offer up much of its history for the period between its founding and the beginning of the 20th century. What we do know is that the company stayed in the hands of the Muré family, passing down from generation to generation. It also obtained a certain level of success, as any company must if it is to survive all of the trials that several centuries of existence present.

It was not until 1935 that Domaine Muré began making waves once again. Now in the possession of Alfred Muré, the company began a small period of expansion that saw them buy the Clos Saint Landelin. It is one of the very few expansions that the company has made to their outfit, but it is also one that has proven itself absolutely vital to what they do.

In 1966, the company had transferred into the possession of Armand and Oscar Muré. They, as all of the Murés before them did, kept the company running. However, their ascension to the leadership of Domaine Muré brought with it a certain amount of change. For it was in 1966 that the duo decided to move the company’s headquarters from Westhalten, where it has been for over 300 years, to Rouffach, which is it’s home in the present day. That may not seem like such a huge undertaking to those who don’t know the wine industry, but leaving a location that many saw as the root of the company was a massive undertaking.

The risk paid off, though, and Domaine Muré continued to go from strength to strength. Ten years later, in 1976, ownership of the company passed over once again. René Muré took the reins, and oversaw production for 25 years. Though he has since handed the company down to the next generation of the family, he remains in place as a guiding force, helping those who came after him apply the lessons learned by those who came before.

As of 2001, the company’s administrative and commercial facets have been overseen by Véronique Muré. The holder of a degree in agronomy from SupApro Montpellier, Véronique has applied her formidable business acumen to helping the company grow from a little family business into a name that is respected by many within the wine industry.

However, she isn’t doing it all alone. Alongside the advice that she receives from René, whose passion for the company burns as brightly as it did when he himself was at the helm, Véronique also works alongside Thomas Muré. The more wine-inclined of the two, Thomas completed his studies in Beaujolais, where he read oenology and viticulture. This, combined with the knowledge and many skills that his family has passed down throughout the ages, has left him well-prepared for his role as the main who oversees the companies 25 hectares of vineyards, and its wine cellar.

As you can see, Domaine Muré has a long family history that we are sure is going to continue on for many decades to come. But we also know that you’re here to find out more about the wines that the company produces. Without any further ado, we present to you a rather marvellous example of wine craft.

Murè Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives 0.5L 2012

It may come in a smaller bottle than you’re used to, but the wonderful Murè Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives 0.5L 2012 packs a punch that helps it stand easily alongside some of the world’s leading wines. A very sweet white wine, it has been made according to biodynamic principles, which means you can feel certain that you’re getting a true taste of the Muré land with every single mouthful.

The wine has a wonderful, straw gold colouring. However, it is the bouquet that will truly take you aback. It’s such a wonderful mix of flavours. From hints of spice, through to honey and herbs, you will smell all sorts when you take in this wine’s aroma. The most astute among you may even spot the smallest hint of spearmint.

This interesting mix of flavours really makes itself known when you take your first sip of the wine. It is undeniably sweet, but not so much that it is off-putting. In fact, we believe that you’ll find yourself returning to the wine again and again, until the glass is empty and you’re longing for a second serving.


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