Buying Italian Wine in the UK

For many people buying a bottle of wine is as simple as walking down to the shop and making the purchase in person. Unfortunately this can be somewhat limiting as it means that you are restricted solely to the stock that the shop has on that particular day and are thus unable to explore mew vintages.

This is especially the case in Britain, where wine is available but variety is perhaps not a strong point. While many great wines find their way onto British dinner tables, many of the great wine producers are never experienced by the average British connoisseur.

Fortunately the advent of online shopping has made it much easier for people in Britain to get their hands on high quality bottles of wine that they are simply unable to find in their homeland. For those who want to buy wine online UK there are plenty of options available and all open the door to a wide array of vintages that are just waiting to be discovered.

Of course the British have their preferences when it comes to wine, as do people of all nations. Here we examine a few of the wines that have become part of the cultural zeitgeist in the UK that can also be purchased online.


We admit that it is something of an odd name for a wine, evoking thoughts of a perhaps less than pure nature, but Striptease is actually a wine that can hold its own against many other vintages and it is fast achieving popularity in the United Kingdom.

The manufacturer producers an array of bottles, including a particularly satisfying vino, and is something of an acquired taste. However, for those who appreciate a little eroticism with their wine consumption it is absolutely perfect.

Furthermore the fairly tongue in cheek nature of the manufacturer makes this the perfect wine for parties. Offering a person a striptease before handing them a glass of wine is sure to cause some confusion and plenty of merriment when they are in on the joke and, happily, the wine itself is of a good enough calibre that it can be enjoyed completely separately from the gimmick that has been used to define it.


The British love a good celebration. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday or simply a get together of good friends, a bottle of the old bubbly is always going to go down a treat. As such it is perhaps not surprising to discover than champagne is amongst the most popular drinks in the British Isles and is consumed on a regular basis by people across the country.

There are already a large variety of champagne brands available to UK patrons, with the likes of Moet often proving to be amongst the most popular when it comes to manufacturers. However the ability to shop online opens up an entirely new world of possibilities to the buyer and makes a range of champagnes available that may yet to have been sampled.


Following close on the heels of champagne is Prosecco. The wine has fast achieved a level of prominence in the UK and has quickly become another drink that is used to mark celebrations and get togethers in much the same way as champagne. Many also see it as a slightly more cost-effective alternative that still provides a wonderful taste.

Furthermore the humble Prosecco is also gaining a reputation as a sparkling wine to simply be enjoyed during meal times. While champagne is often reserved for the real special occasions, a good bottle of Prosecco will often make an appearance during a dinner party or will be served with food for the simple enjoyment of its consumption rather than for the celebratory nature that is often associated with the drink. For this reason it has become yet another of the wines that has begun to achieve a measure of popularity in the UK and, like many others, the web offers ample opportunity to sample varieties that may otherwise have not been available to the average consumer.

Sauvignon Blanc

Displaying a continued preference for white wine varieties, the British have also developed a preference for Sauvignon Blanc, which is perhaps one of the most popular wines to come out of France.

Furthermore the grape itself is used in a he variety of wines, with many high quality Italian whites espousing its virtues by using it within their own blends. All of this means that there are now a huge amount of variations that make use of the grape, which in turn means that there are many vintages available for the more explorative British consumer.

Again the online world makes many of this vintages more readily available, ensuring that there is always variety accessible even when the shops only carry a couple of vintages.


While it is pretty clear that the British palette tends toward white wines, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who can appreciate a good red. For many the Shiraz is the red of choice, though the likes of the Chianti are fast approaching a level of popularity in the country as well.

Red wines are generally enjoyed with a meal by the British, meaning they are often used as a household wine that is to be enjoyed in comfort, rather than a celebratory wine that is to be enjoyed with friends and family. As such reds are slowly creeping up in popularity, especially as the British palette becomes more refined and the opportunity to explore other vintages is provided.

Simply put the British enjoy a good wine. In fact the country now plays host to around 400 vineyards of its own and is one of the top wine consuming nations in all of Europe. With that in mind it is only natural that many Brits will be delighted that the world wide web has afforded them with the opportunity to explore this passion further and discover vintages that may never have otherwise been available to them if they didn’t have the chance to shop online.