Cantina Contratto, a 150 year old fairy tale

We have already talked about the Piedmont region, it is one of the best suited in Italy for wine production.  The Contratto winery is one of the many realities representative of Piedmont’s exemplary vocation for the world of wine.

It all began in 1867, when Giuseppe Contratto began cultivating Moscato grapes from the Monferrato area, producing one of the first Italian traditional method sparkling wines.

It was a real revolution: Giuseppe’s winery soon garnered worldwide fame, prestige and great notoriety in the world of bubbles. Around 1910, Contratto became the official supplier to the Vatican, the Belgian royal house and the Savoy royal family.

Driven from the very beginning by a strong need to always look beyond, in 1919 Contratto launched the first Italian vintage sparkling wine on the market, thus writing another important chapter in the history of the traditional method. This choice aims to enhance the characteristics of each vintage, highlighting the importance of starting from a good base: the vineyard.

Bossolasco, Piedmont

Rivetti’s philosophy

‘Good wine is made in the vineyard,’ says Giorgio Rivetti, CEO of Contratto since 2011, ‘without solid foundations, you go nowhere’. To achieve great results, most of the work has to be directed towards the vineyards, which are cared for with extreme dedication, attention and respect. The vineyards existed long before we began making wine and will continue to exist afterwards: a good reason to treat them in accordance with nature.

The Rivetti family’s love for the land drives them to practice organic farming exclusively. Soon after La Spinetta came on the scene, an important decision was made: the acquisition of several hectares of land near the small village of Bossolasco.

Bossolasco, the ideal zone for Alta Langa DOCG

Situated in the highest parts of Langhe, the Bossolasco area lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, the two varieties used in the production of Alta Langa DOCG. The white soil, very similar to that where Nebbiolo is cultivated, combined with a mild climate characterised by significant Summer temperature ranges, makes the Bossolasco terroir the perfect area for the birth of Contratto wines.

These characteristics make it possible to prolong the vine’s vegetative cycle and postpone the harvest by at least a couple of weeks. Although it is normal for sparkling wine to have an earlier production, Contratto manages to achieve the right level or ripeness of the grapes, thanks to its altitude and temperatures that are never too high. The result is a complete wine, characterised by an excellent balance between acidity and structure, incredibly complex with varied aromas. No sugar is added for this reason.

The Contratto Vineyards

Today, the Rose Country is home to around 40 hectares of vineyards, divided into three areas: Ave, Moncurto and Porera.

The 14 hectares in Ave are South-West facing, well sheltered from the adjacent hills. Pinot Noir is mostly grown in this area, but a small portion is also dedicated to Chardonnay. The soil is rich in white marl and limestone, silt, calcium carbonate and silicon. This combination gives the wine incredible longevity and elegance, as well as very intense aromas and marked mineral notes.

From the vineyards of the Moncurto locality comes a grape with immense potential, subject to a particularly mild climate and characterised by sandy soil, calcareous in the upper part and chalky in the lower part: the result is an extraodinary mix of refinement, elegance and freshness.

A soil that is more fertile, compact and marly, combined with the good water retention and excellent exposure of the Porera locality, allows us to produce a Pinot Noir with an amazing longevity, structure and freshness along with very intense aromas and marked mineral notes.

The Contratto selection

Today Contratto offers a wide range of Alta Langa DOCG sparkling wines from the young Langa vineyards. On xtraWine they are all available with fast delivery in 24h and in 100% recyclable packaging.

The Millesimato

This wine celebrates our desire to produce only vintage sparkling wines, emphasising the uniqueness of each vintage. The aromas are soft and delicate, with floral and citrus scents. The palate is fresh and savoury, with a wonderfully fine perlage.

During crushing and the brief period of contact with the skins and the slow drop off, the Millesimato is enriched with an intense colour with which Contratto has decided not to intervene in the cellar. This preserves the character and peculiarities of the Pinot Noir grown in Alta Langa.

For England Blanc de Noirs

Il FOR ENGLAND BLANC DE NOIRS,  a sparkling wine initially produced to please the drier palate in the English market.  It expresses aromas of white fruit, with floral and citrus notes while there are flavours of mandarin and pink grapefruit on the palate.

The finish is dry and fresh, with a persistent perlage. The ‘For England’ sparkling wine was first made around 1920 specifically for the English market, as they were the first to develop drier flavours with regard to sparkling wine. Between 1950 and 1960, ‘For England’ was also introduced to the Italian market, where it was an immediate success.

For England Rosé

Il FOR ENGLAND ROSÉ is characterised by incredibly precise aromas, with hints of citrus peel and marzipan.

On the palate it is intense and structured, with notes of peach and thyme and a creamy and persistent perlage.


A unique Chardonnay that is bewitching in its youth, but enchanting for those who cannot wait.

Fragrant and refined, the bouquet recalls floral and biscuit notes. It is precise and savoury on the palate with a very fine and persistent perlage.


A complex sparkling wine with intense hints of citrus fruits and small pastries; the 100 months of ageing on the lees give emotion with every sip.

This prestigious traditional method owes its name to the Brut Riserva Novecento, a sparkling wine created in 1986 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the Contract winery, a year in advance.

The Special Cuveé

The SPECIAL CUVÉE comes from a selection of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.

A wine with a unique and unmistakable personality, it is distinguished by its incredible minerality and persistence. Ageing the Chardonnay for about 8 months in French oak barrels gives it an incredible complexity.

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Extra Brut Contratto xtraWine

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