Bellavista Alma Franciacorta Gran Cuvée Brut

Some wine companies have names that perfectly encapsulate everything that they have to offer in a single word. Many carry the names of the people who founded them. The very family itself becomes the brand and the label that people come to trust. Others carry the name of something that relates to the founder or the winery itself.

That’s certainly the case with this company that we’re going to profile in this article. Roughly translated, Bella Vista means “Beautiful View” in English. And that’s certainly what you would get should you ever choose to visit this particularly stunning winery. Rolling hills and stunning Italian countryside surround a beautiful and modern building where all of the magic happens.

Of course, a nice view can only take you so far, especially in the Italian wine industry. Many companies can offer similarly gorgeous views due to their locations. If the quality of the wine doesn’t match the surroundings, the company will be doomed to failure.

Thankfully, that’s not an issue with Bellavista. But before we get to one of the wines on which the company has built its reputation, let’s take a look at how it came to establish itself in the Italian wine industry.

The History

Like many Italian wine companies, Bellavista found its origins in the vision of one person. It was in 1977 that a businessman by the name of Vittorio Moretti decided that he would make Franciacorta the home of a brand new wine company.

But he didn’t go into this venture without any experience. His family had operated a small winemaking operation for several years on the land that would later become the Bellavista winery. However, his family did not have the same ambitions that Vittorio had. He learned about the intricacies of growing the grape from the people who were closest to him. But it was his own experiences in business that allowed him to see the true potential of the vineyards that his family owned.

Those vineyards were some of the best that the entire region had to offer. It was a shame to Vittorio that they were not being used to their fullest. Located on the Bellavista hill, which is named for the stunning views that it has to offer, the vineyards overlook the Po Valley and Lake Iseo. Vittorio knew that the existing vineyards would not offer enough land for him to see his vision to completion. After making the decision to open his wine company, he engaged in a period of expansion that saw him purchase a range of new vineyards. All told, the company came to own 198 hectares, all of which are in the Franciacorta region.

With the land secured, Vittorio moved on to producing a wine that would set the industry abuzz. He had his own knowledge to work from, but an astute businessman knows the value of outside help. In 1981, Vittorio brought an oenologist named Mattia Vezzola into the company. Together, the duo worked on creating a wine that would form the basis of the Bellavista style as it’s known today. Vittorio wanted a wine that stood apart from all others in the region. With Vezzola’s help, he had that wine. Many years later, in 2007, Vezzola’s contributions to the success of Bellavista were recognised with an award of “Oenologist of the Year” from Gambero Rosso.

Coming back to the Bellavista wine company, Vittorio had very specific production methods in mind for his grapes. He didn’t want to rely on the unnatural chemicals that so many other producers use. Instead, he wanted to grow his grapes naturally, so that they would offer the best representation of his land as possible. After all, he already knew that he had some of the most impressive vineyards in the Franciacorta region. He didn’t need to sully them with anything other than natural goodness.

The end result is a wine that’s a true reflection of the region and the many qualities of the land. Vittorio’s dedication to natural production methods have lent the Bellavista wines a charm and class that’s practically impossible to replicate. Its wines, particularly its Franciacortas, are held aloft as truly unique examples from a company that’s determined to do things its own way.

For Bellavista, the devil truly is in the details. The company takes great care in the crafting of its wines, thus ensuring just the right blend of fruity notes. This dedication has led to the creation of remarkably consistent wines year after year. If there’s one thing that you can rely on with Bellavista, it’s that their wines will always astound, regardless of the vintage.

But that’s enough about the company itself. We’re sure that you want to hear about one of the many fine examples of Italian wine that it produces. We’ve decided to look at a particularly impressive vintage of the wine that Bellavista built its reputation on.

Bellavista Alma Franciacorta Gran Cuvée Brut

Those looking for a sparkling Italian white wine often choose a Prosecco, almost by default. But the Bellavista Alma Franciacorta Gran Cuvée Brut is proof that there are many other great sparkling whites available for those who want to dig a little deeper.

Upon pouring, you’ll immediately notice the straw yellow colouring that tells you that this wine doesn’t need any extra ageing. You can drink it from the moment that you but it and will feel fully refreshed afterwards. The slightest hints of green dart in and out of view as you hold the wine up to the light to get a closer look.

When you sample the bouquet, you’ll notice an interesting combination of ripe fruits and white flowers that sets this wine apart from many other Franciacortas. Just the subtlest hint of vanilla can be detected by those with especially keen senses.

To the taste, you’ll enjoy how Bellavista brings all of these unique notes together to create a harmonious experience that practically lights up your tongue. The flavours are powerful, without ever being overbearing, and you’ll notice all of the notes that you sensed in the bouquet dancing around your tongue.


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