Antique Style Tuscan Corkscrews and Other Essential Accessories

As any wine love will tell you, a good wine cellar isn’t complete without a range of great wine accessories to go along with it. They are the items that really help to complete the collection and give the server something else to show off when they have guests around. Accessories range from the humble corkscrew, which has been in use for centuries, through to more recent technologies, such as vacuum pumps, that help to maintain the integrity of the wine.

With that in mind, we have decided to put together a small list of great accessories that would make a superb addition to practically any connoisseur’s collection, whether you have an entire cellar full of wines or just a small cabinet with a few of your favourite vintages.

The Antique Style Tuscan Corkscrew

Tuscany is one of the most renowned Italian winemaking regions in the world. It has given birth to the famed Antinori family and was the birthplace of the ‘Super Tuscan’ era that saw a revolution in the DOC regulations as they pertained to Chianti.

Because of this rich history it is perhaps unsurprising to know that the region has its own corkscrew. With its traditional T-shape, complemented by a brush that allows you to clear any dust away from older bottles, the antique style Tuscan corkscrew can help give your collection a little bit more pizzazz when compared to regular old corkscrews.

Remember that much of the joy inherent in great Italian wine is celebrating the history and the culture that has played such a large part in the creation of your favourite vintages. With this corkscrew you will be paying your own little homage to Tuscany in addition to adding a fine wine accessory to the kitchen or cellar.

Monkey Business Cork Decorations

Let’s face it, once a cork has left the bottle there is really little else that it can be used for. Sure, you can recork the bottle if that’s your inclination, but odds are that the bottle us probably going to be drained of its contents before that can happen, especially if you have people over for a dinner party.

That’s where the Monkey Business cork decorations come into play. These decorations are perfect for those who enjoy a little bit of arts and crafts, allowing the owner to make fun little decorations out of their corks.

A number of animals are available from the company and the decorations can provide a heap of fun for you and your guests if you decided to make it a group activity. No longer will your corks simply end up getting relegated to the dustbin and, if you’re especially creative, you can make a wide range of decorations out of them that will be fun for the whole family.

Vacuum Pumps

While many of the accessories available for wine lovers have either been used for centuries or are otherwise just there for a little bit of fun, the vacuum pump serves a practical use that is invaluable for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine and then conserve the rest of the bottle for another occasion.

A good vacuum pump will work but completely ridding an open bottle of all of the oxygen that can ruin the integrity of the wine and make it less enjoyable to drink on future visits to the bottle. They are easy to use and preserve the drink much more effectively than recorking will ever do.

Always remember that oxygen, and any other particles from the air, will react with the particles in the wine to change its composition. This means that if you are to enjoy a good bottle of wine to its fullest it will need to be consumed fairly quickly. This isn’t a problem when amongst friends but if it is a bottle that you are reserving for yourself or one that you only bring out for special occasions it is worth taking that little bit of extra effort to make sure the contents remain as great as you remember them being.


Wine coolers come in many shapes and sizes but they all serve the same purpose – to keep your wine cool while it is at the table. Many different wines are at their best when they are kept chilled, so if a bottle is left on the table for the duration of the evening it will end up at room temperature in no time at all.

While some wines thrive in this environment, there will be some that simply become less enjoyable the warmer they get. With a cooler you are able to maintain the integrity of the wine while also ensuring that repeat visits to the bottle are as enjoyable as they were when it was first uncorked.

The accessory is also great for businesses as well as the home and there are many restaurants that maintain a stock of coolers to ensure that their customers get the best quality wine. Why not do the same and ensure your dinner party is the talk of the town for weeks to come?

Glass Cleaners

We have placed a lot of focus on accessories that make use of the bottle itself, but what about the glasses that it is served in? A poorly maintained glass can lead to sediment and other flavours being introduced to the wine, which can ruin the tasting experience entirely if not kept in check.

With a good glass cleaner you will be able to scrub your glasses clean and ensure that they are fit for use no matter what the occasion. Switching from a hearty red wine to a light Prosecco is a breeze with these accessories, meaning that you’re never in danger of running short of glasses when you have company over.

With these accessories your wine collection will soon become the envy of your family and friends. After all, it’s one thing to collect great bottles of wine but it is quite another to maintain them and ensure they are served to the highest possible standards.



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