Wine Accessories

While a large part of the joy of wine is getting the opportunity to taste a wide variety of flavours from some of the greatest manufacturers on the planet, many enjoy the smaller things that go along with the pursuit of great wine. As such, wine accessories have long been a stable of any true wine connoisseur and can transform a well-stocked wine cellar into something extremely special. There are a wide range of accessories available to the true wine fan, many of which will complement and expand your enjoyment of your drink.


We all know the humble corkscrew. It is a necessity for any wine fan, but did you know that there are different varieties available? While the bog-standard corkscrew can be found on everything from standard bottle openers right through to pen knives, a true connoisseur will wish to buy something a touch more elegant and stylish.

For those who want to go with the traditional option, there are few better choices than the English style corkscrew. Many historians speculate that the corkscrew is actually an English invention, with the device apparently being created to allow for easy opening of bottles of cider and beer. While some may dispute this story, the fact remains that English style corkscrews offer an extremely practical solution that more than makes up for their relative lack of flair when compared to their counterparts.

Alternatively you may wish for Italian flair to accompany your wine collection, in which case the antique Tuscan and Ventian corkscrews are likely better suited to your tastes. Both are slightly less complex in nature than the design of the English variant, however there are few better accessories to go alongside a collection of fine Italian wines.

A huge collection of alternatives exist of course, with everything from novelty corkscrews through to modern designs available to suit anybody’s tastes.


Wine cases have plenty of uses that aren’t always immediately apparent. As well as offering protection for the bottle stored inside, ensuring that it doesn’t get broken when it is being transported, they are great for dinner parties, allowing you to present a spectacular wine to your friends and family in a style fitting for such an occasion.

Furthermore, many find that they are also wonderful accessories to include as a gift. Most people enjoy receiving a bottle of wine as a gift, but that gift can really sparkle if it is accompanied with a gorgeous leather bound case or stored in a finely crafted wooden case. Many cases are custom built to provide an elegant setting for the bottle, ensuring that the finest wines are given the finest treatment right up until the time comes to enjoy them. Best of all, many of the more elaborate cases come with a variety of additional accessories to make the perfect gift set.


For some there are few things worse than sitting down to enjoy a glass of wine only to find that the drink is no longer cool to the taste. While much can be said for enjoying certain varieties of wine at room temperature, this is especially the case when it comes to champagnes, which are best enjoyed at a cooler temperature.

Happily there are a wide variety of accessories available depending on the needs of the connoisseur. For those who like to keep a healthy stock of their favourite drinks, dedicated coolers and fridges are available to ensure that your wine remains cool right until you choose to drink it. Furthermore, you will be able to preserve bottles that have already been opened in a cooler environment, ensuring that they retain their aromas and textures for a longer period of time.

Of course, once it comes time to actually serve the wine there is always the potential for it to quickly adjust to room temperature. This is especially the case during dinner parties, where the same bottle may be used for multiple people during the course of a few hours. Happily there are plenty of smaller coolers available that are perfect for the dinner table and ensure that the wine is kept at the perfect temperature for the duration of the meal. The more extravagant designs can even be used as an eye-catching centrepiece!

Fun with wine

While much of the joy of a bottle of wine comes from drinking it, many of your favourite vintages will have wonderful stories behind them that tell the tale of the conception and eventual production of the wine. Consider the dinner party example again. While the meal itself is obviously the highlight, the conversation and entertainment are also extremely important to ensure everything goes as planned. This is especially the case when the party is held with friends and games often come to the forefront once the meal is over. As such, a dedicated board game that reveals more about the wine of the night and educates guests while ensuring they have fun can be the perfect accessory to ensure the night stays in the memory.

For those who like to get a little bit creative, there are also plenty of accessories available for those who wish to customise their bottles and give them a little bit more of a personal touch. Bespoke graffiti stickers are ideal for jazzing up your bottles and giving them an extra spark that will ensure that they are enjoyed even more by your guests.

No matter the occasion, there is always an accessory available that can help to accentuate the qualities of a good bottle of wine. From the practical through to the downright fun, many of the accessories available to connoisseurs act as the perfect accompaniment to a well-stocked wine cellar or fridge. Alternatively, such accessories also make perfect gifts for those looking to give something a little bit different to a friend or loved one. There are plenty of different accessories available so don’t be afraid to explore the options available and maybe you will come away with something that can make a good wine collection into a great one.




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