Why Prosecco is Perfect for Warmer Weather

Prosecco has garnered something of a reputation internationally, especially in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, as a purely celebratory drink that is often consumed alongside champagne and other drinks of that nature.

Much of this impression is likely built from the fact that the drink is a sparkling white wine, which seems to mark it out as something a little bit different to other variations of wine and thus makes it more desirable for special occasions.

However, in its native Italy Prosecco is considered a far more versatile drink and is just as likely to be consumed when relaxing or enjoying a good conversation as it is during a big event. This versatility has led to the drink becoming one of the most popular Italian wines, both domestically and internationally, and today Prosecco is recognised as one of the truly great Italian wines.

Furthermore, the wine has become indelibly attached to the summer months and is often consumed under the sun with friends. So why is Prosecco such a wonderful drink for the warmer months of the year and what qualities does it possess that ensure it will continue to be enjoyed by wine lovers for many years to come.

It is Refreshing

There are no two ways about it, a good Prosecco can be as refreshing as practically any other beverage known to man. It has a wonderfully light taste that doesn’t present the complexities of many other internationally renowned wines, yet at the same time it tastes absolutely beautiful in its own right.

There are frankly few better feelings in the world than relaxing in the sun and enjoying a nice, refreshing drink as you do. Prosecco fits the bill perfectly in this regard and it has quickly become popular as a refreshment as a result.

Just imagine the scene for yourself. You have just finished a hectic day in the office and you’re finally getting away from all of the hustle and bustle of working life. You arrive home, dishevelled and uncomfortable having worked for so long in the sun. All you want to do is relax and enjoy the weather while it lasts, so what better way to do it that to chill out under the sun and enjoy a lovely, light glass of Prosecco. Not only will you feel refreshed in an instant, but you also get the benefit of experiencing one of the great Italian white wines exactly the way it is meant to be experienced.

Summer Weddings

We have already mentioned that Prosecco is a great drink for celebrations, even if it isn’t the primary purpose of the drink in its native Italy. However, it simply cannot be denied that many couples prefer to arrange their weddings for the summer months, thus presenting an ideal opportunity for a good bottle of Prosecco to not only be enjoyed as part of the celebrations but also to be enjoyed with some excellent weather.

Outdoor weddings and receptions are particularly well-suited to this, as they provide ample opportunities to simply sit back with a glass of Prosecco in hand and take in all of the surroundings. Not only do you get to enjoy the warm weather but you also have a glass of wine that is not too heavy and acts as a great refreshment when you are stuffed to the gills with wedding food.

Furthermore, Prosecco has an almost universal appeal so you have a much larger chance of bonding with other wedding guests that you may have never met before while enjoying a glass of Prosecco with them. It is, in many ways, the perfect summertime drink and so it is also the perfect drink for a wedding held in the summer.

Perfect For Cocktails

One of the many varies used that international drinkers in particular are finding for Prosecco is in the making of great cocktails. While traditionalists may turn their nose up at this practice due to the fact that it takes away from the purity of the wine, the fact of the matter is that many people enjoy a good cocktail and the blend of flavours involved has the potential to truly astound if they are mixed just right.

Cocktails are perfect for outdoor parties, particularly barbeques and other family events. This makes Prosecco the drink of choice for such outdoor activities, as it is extremely versatile and can thus be used to suit practically everybody’s tastes. If the guest is looking for a light refreshment to enjoy in the sun, a glass of Prosecco would be ideal for them. Alternatively, if they are feeling a little bit more adventurous, they can try one of the many cocktails that feature the drink as a primary ingredient. You never know, you may even find another perfect summer drink in the meantime.


The spring and summer are the peak times for holidaymakers, which means that there is an even larger influx of people looking to relax and unwind from the general stresses of everyday life. We have already established that Prosecco is the perfect light refreshment to be enjoyed when relaxing in the sun, but when consumed on holiday it can help contribute to many happy memories of your time away from home.

For the really dedicated Prosecco lover there is perhaps no better holiday destination for this purpose than Italy itself. Just imagine arriving in Italy in the peak of summertime and sitting down at a gorgeous restaurant to take in the surroundings. All you need with you is a glass of Prosecco to enjoy as you consider the many marvels that you can take in during your journey and you will already start to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your new environment.

Simply put, Prosecco is one of the most versatile Italian wines around and can be enjoyed in practically any situation. However, its light texture and refreshing taste ensure that it has quickly become an extremely popular one for summer consumption and there are few better ways to enjoy the sun than with a good bottle of Prosecco by your side.


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