Why is Buying Wine Online Good for Your Wallet and Your Health?

Cast your mind back 30 years.

You’re sat at home and you have an urge to drink some gorgeous Italian wine. The problem is that there isn’t any in the house.

So, you get in the car and drive to the local store.

There, you choose from the same selection of 10 or so wines that you always choose from. As much as you love these wines, you just don’t have access to the variety that you really want. There’s no possibility of finding anything else because you’re limited in your options.

So, you pick the same wine you always do and go back home.

Now, fast-forward to today.

You’re sitting at home and have that same urge.

Only now, you have a choice.

You could go to the store and browse its limited collection.

Or, you could jump online and check Xtrawine, where you have access to over 2,000 vintages made by producers from all over the world!

That is the impact that the online revolution had on the industry.

The rise of the world wide web has opened millions of people up to be able to buy Italian wine from any producer that they desire. Variety is no longer something that you long for when visiting a store.

It’s at your fingertips thanks to the web.

There’s no disputing that the ability to buy wine online is a good thing in terms of giving you access to producers from all over the world.

But there are two other ways that it benefits you:

  • It’s good for your wallet.
  • It’s good for your health.

Here’s why.

Why is Buying Wine Online Good For My Wallet?

Think about the process that took place before the rise of the web.

A producer would make their wine and put it up for sale. Only, the wine wouldn’t be made available directly to the consumer. It would be made available to merchants.

This system hasn’t changed too much over the years.

What has changed are the costs involved in maintaining that system.

In the past, the producer would sell their wine to the merchant. If it was an Italian wine producer selling overseas, the wine would come with some hefty import taxes attached to it. The merchant receives the wine and places it on display in their store.

Now, they have to decide on the price they charge. And there are all sorts of factors that go into this decision, including:

  • The cost of the wine.
  • The import duties they had to pay.
  • The cost of the display.
  • The cost of storing wine that isn’t on display.
  • The costs of operating their store.
  • Any costs related to physical in-store marketing.
  • The profit margin the merchant wants to make on the wine.

Some merchants might even incorporate the cost of stolen merchandise into their estimation.

The result?

The Italian wine is made available at a substantial markup. That means you, as a foreign consumer, are likely paying much more than an Italian person would for the same bottle of wine.

That was the old system.

The rise of the web means that so many of these costs are stripped away.

Online sellers don’t need to worry about the costs of maintaining a physical store anymore. They’re not paying rent on a location, spending money on displays, or dealing with in-store physical marketing. They’re also not paying utilities and they don’t have to maintain a staff of people to work in the store.

Instead, all they need is somewhere to store the wine they order and a functioning website.

A functioning website costs far less to maintain than a physical store.

This means that online stores have far fewer costs to pass onto their consumers. And for you, that means the wines are made available at far closer to the amount you’d expect to pay if you were buying them in Italy.

Ultimately, you will generally find that buying an Italian wine online costs you far less than buying the same wine in a physical store. Add in the extra variety and added convenience and there are plenty of reasons to shop online for your Italian wine.

Why is Buying Italian Wine Online Good For Your Health?

This one might be a bit more difficult to think about first.

But remember the situation that we’re still dealing with.

There has been a global pandemic for over a year and you’re still taking a risk. Granted, we have all sorts of safety precautions, such as our masks, sanitisers, and social distancing. Still, there’s always a chance you may catch coronavirus whenever you go to a shop that sees hundreds of people move through its doors every day.

That chance is significantly lowered when you order your Italian wine online.

You can place an order without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Better yet, when you receive your wine, you do so confident in the fact that no other people touched it barring those you needed to in order to get the wine to you.

And of course, all of those people are following stringent safety procedures to ensure nothing happens to your wine.

So, there’s a lower risk of coronavirus transmission.

There’s also a lower risk of anybody tampering with the bottle before it finds its way into your kitchen.

Add onto all of that the many health benefits that come from drinking Italian wine, most of which come from the presence of antioxidants, and buying online is a much healthier experience in the current climate.

Where Can You Find Your Italian Wines Online?

If you’re reading this article then you already know the answer.

At Xtrawine, we pride ourselves on offering the largest selection of Italian wines online. Whatever you want, you can find it in our online store. And of course, we have a wide selection of wines from other countries if Italian wine doesn’t tickle your fancy.

All you have to do is pick your wine and tell us where to deliver it to.

We’ll handle the rest for you.


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