Why Does Wine Make the Perfect Gift For Your Employees

Every employee likes to feel that they are valued when they are in the work place, so giving them a gift every now and then can go a long way to improving their loyalty in addition to ensuring that they remain happy while they are working for you.

Traditionally office gifts are given during the holiday period, when the office is getting set to close for Christmas and everybody is in a jovial mood. Some employers also choose to give gifts when it is somebody’s birthday or as an added incentive to encourage them to work harder.

Whatever the occasion, you can’t go far wrong with a good bottle of wine as an office gift. There are many reasons why wine makes a great gift for your employees, so let’s take a look at a few and see why you should look or wine gifts online to ensure your workplace remains happy and cohesive.

Relatively Inexpensive

Wine will generally fall into that category of gift that is easy to give and doesn’t cost a bundle to buy. This makes it ideal for the workplace, especially if the budget is an issue that needs to be taken into account when buying the gift.

There are plenty of great vintages that you can find online, meaning that you don’t need to settle for any old cheap plonk. Instead, you can still put some thought into it and ensure the bottle is of a high quality, while still saving a lot of money in the process.

This is especially the case if you look online for your bottle of wine. Most online stores, such as ours, are able to sell wine at a lower price than you will be able to find in most retailers, plus we offer an enormous selection so that you can be sure that you buy the right bottle for the right employee. Try to find out what everybody in the office likes to drink and personalise the gift somewhat to them. This will truly ensure that they feel valued in the workplace and assures them that their boss really does take an interest in who they are and the things that they like.


A good bottle of wine carries an air of sophistication about it that most other gifts are simply not capable of providing. It is truly a gift for adults, which makes it the perfect gift for an environment that is generally going to be full of adults.

Better yet, it can reflect a level of prestige that is important for many companies that provide. While you may take plenty of pride in the way in which you treat your customers, your company reputation is just as important within the business itself. With the gift of a bottle of wine you can be sure that you will enhance the reputation of the company in the eyes of your employees without having to spend a huge amount of money to do so.

It’s Great for Celebrations

In many ways a good bottle of wine can be seen as a celebratory drink, which makes it ideal for rewarding somebody for their hard work. In fact, in countries such as the UK a good bottle of champagne or prosecco is specifically reserved for celebrations, which makes them the ideal gift for when you want to reward your workforce.

Celebrating your company’s success is vitally important as it ensures that all of your employees understand what they are working towards and feel a real sense of achievement when they do a good job. Without it, your employees are likely to lose their morale sooner rather than later, especially if you crack the whip once to often.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good celebration? In some cases you may not even need to give a bottle to every employee and can simply organise an office party with bottles of bubbly for everybody to enjoy. This way you can even succeed in improving the sense of camaraderie within the workforce, assuming that nobody goes overboard with the drinking of course. Remember that wine is to be enjoyed in moderation after all.

It’s An Easy Choice

Let’s be honest, in larger companies it is almost impossible to know enough about every single employee to the point where you know all of their interest well enough to buy them a perfectly tailored gift. In these cases a good bottle of wine can be an absolute lifesaver as it is a quick and easy gift that you can almost guarantee your employee will be sure to enjoy.

Even if the employee does not consider themselves a drinker, a bottle of wine is also ideal for re-gifting, which means that it is likely to end up in the hands of somebody who will appreciate it sooner rather than later. This means that the gift will be appreciated even if the employee doesn’t drink wine!

There are plenty of other reasons why a good bottle of wine makes a great gift for all occasions, not just for employees. It is something that can truly be shared, which makes it perfect for sharing in the company’s successes with the people who have made it happen, plus on a more practical level is it something that is easy to take home after the workday is finished.

Simply put, there are lots of reasons that you should aim to provide rewards to your employees for a job well done. After all, you can never underestimate the power that little gestures such as giving a gift can have on a person’s mentality when they come into work and, in many cases, you will find that productivity is increased and the workplace as a whole becomes a happier place to be.

A happy workplace means contended employees and content employees mean that work gets done more efficiently and with a lot more passion than it would be if it was done by somebody who feels as though their job doesn’t reward them enough for the hard work they put in.


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