The Surprising Skincare Benefits of Italian Red Wine

You’re enjoying a few glasses of Italian wine with your friends and you’re starting to lose track. As the hours tick by, you have another glass and then another. You feel a little bit tipsy and you’re starting to get a little shaky.

Then it happens.

You slip and accidentally spill some of the wine on yourself. It’s on your face and your hands.

You and your friends laugh about it. But what you don’t realise is that little spillage isn’t as embarrassing an incident as you might think it is. In fact, your skin’s drinking that wine right up because it loves the stuff!

That’s right, your skin loves Italian wine just as much as you do. That’s because wine has a number of surprisingly beneficial properties when it comes to skincare. 

That’s what we’re going to look at in this article.

These are the benefits of adding a little bit of wine to your health and beauty regimen.

Benefit #1 – It’s Great For Ageing Skin

If you’re a regular reader of the Xtrawine blog you’re probably getting a little sick of hearing what we’re about to say…

Italian red wine is absolutely loaded with antioxidants.

It’s these compounds that battle against the free radicals in your body that damage DNA and cause premature ageing. That’s why there’s so important when it comes to wine’s benefits for the heart.

But it’s not just your heart that can use antioxidants.

The compounds also strengthen your skins cells and protect them from the damage that free radicals cause. Applying wine topically to your skin can lead to it looking fresher and healthier. You’ll have a lovely and healthy glow without having to use any products that contain unnatural chemicals.

Benefit #2 – It Fights Acne

One of the key antioxidants in Italian red wine is called resveratrol. It’s the compound that has so many benefits when it comes to improving heart health and fighting inflammation. 

And it’s also an active anti-bacterial agent!

When you apply red wine to your skin, you’re unleashing one of the most powerful antibacterial solutions around.

And what skin condition thrives due to bacteria on the skin? Acne, of course. Italian red wine can help to soothe a lot of the irritation that acne causes. And over time, it can even cause the skin condition to fade, leaving you with healthier and stronger skin.

Benefit #3 – Breathing Life into Dull Skin

There are a lot of things that you can do if you find your skin’s getting a little bit dull and boring. Of course, you have the classics, such as improving your diet and drinking plenty of water. But again, red wine can come to the rescue here too.

Load a little up into a spray bottle and give yourself a good dose. Allow the wine to settle for about 10 minutes on your skin before wiping it off.

During those 10 minutes, another compound in the wine, called polyphenols, will get to work. They’ll rejuvenate your skin and restore the healthy complexion that can disappear as a result of stress, a poor diet, and just the general signs of ageing. And even better, along with resveratrol, polyphenols can help to smoothen some of the fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Benefit #4 – Treating Sunburn

Ah, the sun!

It’s the giver of life and absolutely vital when it comes to make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin D. However, it also emits harmful UV radiation that can cause serious damage to your skin if you’re not careful.

In fact, just 20 minutes spent in the hot sun is often enough to cause burns that lead to severe irritation and damaged skin.

We all get a little careless every now and again. Everybody’s forgotten to wear their sun tan lotion before heading out. But if you have a little Italian red wine at hand, you won’t need to rush back for the after sun!

A few sips of red wine loads your body up with flavonoids. These prevent the oxygen-based chemical reactions that can lead to sunburn. It’s not a perfect solution and it’s still best to wear sun tan lotion. But a glass of wine may be able to help you out if you’re in a pinch.

Benefit #5 – Thicker Hair

Okay, so this one isn’t related to your skin. But taking care of your hair is an important part of your beauty regimen and Italian red wine can help you again.

This one all comes down to increasing circulation.

Drinking red wine regularly, and in moderation, opens up your blood vessels and makes it easier for blood to flow through your body. This means more oxygen reaches your head, which strengthens the follicles in your scalp.

The result is thicker and much shinier hair.

And if you want to come back to the skincare topic, better circulation means that more oxygen gets to your skin cells. And again, that’s only a good thing as it keeps the cells stronger and healthier.

Now, you have a couple of choices here.

You can drink your wine as you normally would and you should find that you start experiencing benefits. Or, you can apply it almost as a conditioner when you’re washing your hair. Use a little Italian red wine during your final rinse and you’ll give your hair all of the extra strength that it needs.

The Final Word

As you can see, Italian red wine is useful for so much more than getting a little bit tipsy!

When used in certain ways, it can help you to combat an array of skin issues. And amazingly, even drinking it regularly seems to have positive effects on both your skin and your hair.

So, the next time you’re wondering if you should have that extra glass, think of your skin. It’ll love the antioxidants and other benefits that the red wine brings.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard and you’ll have a great time with the added benefit of heathier skin.



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