The Joys Of A Great Sparkling Wine

With so many different varieties of wine to experience, it can often be difficult to make a selection that you can be sure will fit your own personal taste. A lot of it comes down to personal preference and you aren’t going to be able to discover what you enjoy and what you don’t without taking the time to sample a few different wines to see where your loyalties lie.

The good thing is that there are wines for practically every single occasion. While many enjoy a complex red when eating a good meal, such wines are not always ideal for when you just want to enjoy a quick drink with friends or need a refresher after a hard day at work.

For such moments a sparkling white is often the better choice, so here we will look at a few of the many great features that a good sparking white wine will embody, so that you can decide for yourself whether it is something that you would like to try.

It’s Wonderfully Refreshing

The best thing about a sparkling wine is that it has the ability to offer you something completely different to other types of wine. While every wine carries its own notes and fragrances, you will generally find that sparkling varieties are a little lighter to the taste and not quite as complex as the likes of a Chianti or Barolo.

As such, they are absolutely ideal for those moment when you just want to kick back and relax with something that won’t overpower your senses when you drink it and can be enjoyed at any occasion. A good sparkling wine will allow you to feel completely refreshed after consumption, setting you up for the rest of the day or simply allowing you to unwind and forget all of the stresses that modern living can bring into your life.

It’s a Celebratory Drink

Sparkling white wines have been used in foreign countries for many years as a way to mark a celebration, rather than simply an aperitif. Places like the UK will often make use of champagne at events such as anniversaries or weddings, due in part to the lighter taste making it easier to consume and more universally accepted than more complex wines.

Let’s be honest though, the fact that the wine had bubbles probably has a large part to play in this as well. Many people love the thrill of popping a cork and letting the wine spray out as a gesture of celebration – you need only look to the conclusion of any Formula One race to see that in action.

All of this combines to make such wines a perfect drink for any celebration. You don’t need to restrict yourself simply to champagne either. In fact, you could add your own personal stamp to proceedings by introducing a wine that is used less often for such events, providing a much-needed touch of variety while also not taking away from the event itself.

The History

Did you know that, when it was first produced, the tendency for wines made in the Champagne region to sparkle was actually seen as a fault with the wine itself, leading to it being looked down upon by the other winemakers of the day?

How times have changed, as today a sparkling wine is seen as something to truly enjoy and offers something a little different to more traditional stills.

The history behind any bottle of wine is always worth exploring and many of the best sparkling vintages have plenty of tradition and folklore behind them to make them well worth exploring beyond simply enjoying the way that they taste.

By researching the effort that goes into their production, you may well gain a new-found appreciation for the wine that you are consuming, which will in turn allow you to enjoy it even more than you might otherwise have. Besides, you may even learn something along the way and could even open yourself up to discovering other amazing vintages from the same winemakers, whether they are sparkling wines or not.

Great Value

Given its reputation you would be forgiven for thinking that it will cost a decent amount of money to get your hands on a sparkling white wine that is actually worth your time and effort. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

While there are certainly vintages out there that will set you back a pretty penny should you decide to give them a try, there are also many different wines that you can get for a rather low price that are more than worth your time and will also allow you to explore some of the lesser-known sparkling whites beyond the Proseccos and Champagnes that so many people rave about.

It is always a good idea to look out for a bargain, and by using a site such as ours you can also get an objective viewpoint on the quality of the wine before you buy. After all, you never know when you might find your next favourite so it is always worth looking around to see if you can discover a vintage that you may have otherwise not considered because of a lower price tag.

That is just four of the many reasons that you should consider adding a good sparkling wine to your list of wine purchases. Not only can they be enjoyed at practically any time, but such wines also represent an important part of the overall development of the wine culture in Italy.

The history behind such vintages is often as enchanting as the wines themselves, so there are few better uses of your time than discovering what makes each wine that you enjoy tick and how the people who make it came to use the processes that they do.

So take the time to enjoy a sparkling white wine. Whether it’s a vintage that you are already familiar with or you’re taking a risk by trying something new, you may well find a new favourite to add to your collection.


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