Feudi San Gregorio

Throughout the history of Italian wine making there have been many companies that have slipped slightly below the radar, especially when in terms of international recognition, that still go on to produce some truly amazing wines.

Feudi San Gregorio is one such winemaker. Using vineyards that have established for more than a century and a half, this prestigious company is ingrained in the many traditions of southern Italy, but it is a name that is not as well-known as contemporaries who have been around for just as long.

We aim to change all of that here with an article that briefly examines the history of the company and the many things that it has brought to the Italian winemaking culture, before also taking a look at one of the best wines that it currently produces as well.

The Company

Despite the age of the vineyards that they use in the production of their wines, Feudi San Gregorio as a company has only been in operation for about thirty years, having first been established back in 1986.

For many this makes them relative newcomers to the world of Italian wine, but the products that they create are ingrained with far more tradition than their short years as a company would imply.

The company aims to reignite the many traditions of southern Italian wine production, bringing with it the unique tastes of the Mediterranean that no other region is able to replicate. As such, their wines carry with them a unique flavour that allows them to stand out from other companies and offer something a little bit different to the average consumer.

They wish to protect the many traditions of their region, and the centuries old vineyards that they use in their own production, while also ensuring that they embrace modern practices and create wines that are appealing to as wide a palette as possible.

To do this they are constantly reinvesting in the land and researching ways to make their wines even better with each passing year. This is not a company that is happy to simply rest on its laurels and enjoy the moderate amount of success that they have thus far. They want to ensure that everybody knows about the many great virtues of the wines of Southern Italy, both domestically and on the international level.

As such, they endeavour to ensure that their winery is a place of creativity and imagination, where new techniques and ideas are tried simply to see what they produce while visitors can also enjoy witnessing the many aspects that go into the production of a truly great Italian wine.

The Vineyards

A key part of the company’s success is their use of centuries old vineyards that have been allowed to grow alongside the fruit trees, forests and other plant life that makes up the region. This means that the grapes these vineyards produce are imbued with a quality and flavour that is simply impossible to find anywhere else, allowing for the creation of wines the likes of which you will not be able to find from any other producer.

The winery started by using the ancient vineyards of the Sorbo Serpico zone, which brings with it a wealth of tradition and quality that could be instantly transferred into the wines that are produced by the company. From there Feudi San Gregorio expanded, taking what they had learned from working those older vines so that they could establish more vineyards in Tufo, Santa Paolina and other areas. As such, the company has managed to expand from owning 30 hectares when it was first started in the mid-1980s, to owning more than 300 in the present day. This increased production capacity comes as a result of the slow burning increase in popularity that the company has experienced.

It is the land that these vineyards are planted on that helps to lend the wines made by the company their unique taste and composition. The richness of the terroir and the quality of the soil, which has been shaped over the centuries by volcanic output and other local land, has created the perfect location for experimentation in viticulture and the create of some truly wonderful grapes.

As such, the company endeavours to not only use the land to its maximum capacity by creating great wines that can be enjoyed by all, but also to ensure that it remains completely protected and preserved for future generations of winemakers.

As such, Feudi San Gregorio puts a lot of time and effort into preserving the local ecosystem, as the company recognises that without said ecosystem they would not be able to produce the wines that they are capable of producing today.

Feudi San Gregorio Irpinia Aglianico Serpico 2010

Made using grapes grown at the first vineyards that the company worked on, the Feudi San Gregorio Irpinia Aglianico Serpico 2010 is a wonderful still red wine that has received absolutely glowing reviews from a wide number of publications for its quality and the value for money that it offers to the consumer.

More history than you may expect goes into this bottle of wine, which makes use of grapes that have been cultivated over the centuries in the region to amazing effect.

The wine itself is amazingly complex, featuring aromas of red fruit and the many minerals and types of plant life that the region is known for. It is this ecosystem and the way that it has developed that has played such an influence on the wines produced by the company and that can be experienced with the very first sniff of the drink.

To the taste the wine offers a gorgeous mix of notes that include spices, coffee and cocoa, giving it a rich taste that ensures it matches up wonderfully with red meats and game. The wine makes for a wonderful complement to such meals, with a rich taste that doesn’t overwhelm the other flavours you are experiencing and ensures that you will remember the meal for many days after it has concluded.


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