The Best Excuses For Visiting Italy

Choosing where to go on your vacation is always difficult. There are so many great destinations in the world that it can be hard to sort through all of them to choose the one that’s right for you. Choose poorly and you end up taking a holiday that feels like a waste of time and money.

Of course, we don’t think anybody will feel that way when they visit Italy. We’re sure you all feel the same, so we have come up with a few excuses to go to Italy that you can use on anybody who might be stuck on the fence.

The Wine

We are a supplier of great wines, so it should come as no surprise that we would recommend Italian wine as one of the best excuses for visiting Italy. After all, the only way to truly experience a great bottle of wine is to enjoy it in its place or origin.

Italy has plenty of options available to wine lovers who want to visit the country. Practically every region hosts a slew of producers who offer guided tours around their vineyards. There are also plenty of package deals available so it’s really easy to find a company that will get you where you want to go for a reasonable price. Bring all of that together with the many festivals and wine-based cultural attractions and you have the perfect reason to visit Italy.

The Art

Italy was at the centre of the Renaissance movement and the country had a longstanding and well-deserved reputation as being one of the world’s art capitals. There is just so much to see at the many galleries dotted around Italy that you could spend months in the country and still not see everything that it has to offer.

That makes at a perfect excuse to go to Italy. Seeing masterpieces at home when they are loaned to a gallery is one thing. Seeing them in the cities that there were made in, alongside loads of other paintings and sculptures, is an experience that few other countries can rival. Imagine enjoying a little art and then following it up with a great glass of wine. Sounds good, right?

The Romance

Many people may look to Paris when they name the most romantic city in the world, but we think that Italy offers it a lot of competition. Rome and Florence are filled to the brim with gorgeous landmarks that will take your breath away, but it is perhaps Venice that stands as the most romantic spot in all of Italy.

We’re sure you already know plenty about Venice. The many canals that make up the city’s streets offer an experience that is quite unlike any other in the world. Just imaging enjoying a gondola ride while being serenaded by a gondolier. Couple that with the Italian people’s well-known propensity for passion and you have a great excuse to escape to Italy for a while and enjoy a romantic getaway.

The Food

You cannot mention Italy’s great wine without also paying the proper respect to its culinary traditions. Every region in the country has a signature dish and collectively Italy has been responsible for some of the world’s most favourite foods. Put it like this. You wouldn’t have pizza and pasta without Italy. That alone is a major achievement.

Of course, the best way to experience Italian food is to visit the country of origin. There is nothing quite like finding a little restaurant that serves great food with seasonal ingredients. You get to enjoy a wonderful meal, often alongside a great glass of wine from the region, and may even be able to take a few culinary ideas home with you.

The Sun

For all of the focus on great art, wine, and culture, many forget that Italy is also a great vacation spot for those who just want to enjoy a little bit of sun during their travels. The south of Italy is particularly great because it is right on the Mediterranean, meaning you get some sweltering temperatures.

Of course, all of this doesn’t mean a lot if there aren’t some absolutely stunning beaches to go along with it. Italy has those in abundance and it won’t take too much effort to find a beautiful little spot to sunbathe and enjoy the natural scenery. We recommend going off the beaten path a little bit so you can find somewhere quieter and really enjoy what Italy has to offer.

The Roman Ruins

Italy is stepped in culture and history, no matter where you choose to go. The works of the great masters of the Middle Ages are still there and present for all to see. However, it is the ruins of a completely bygone era that may astound you more than any others.

We are, of course, speaking about the Romans. Once the rulers of the world’s most powerful empires, the Romans experienced a fall that left Italy divided. Still, the country plays host to some amazing buildings from that time period that tourists all over the world flock to see. There aren’t many places that you can see ruins of over a thousand years of age, but Italy plays host to many of them.

The Diversity

We’ve spoken so much about the many different things that Italy has to offer that it should come as no surprise that the country’s diversity is one of the main excuses to visit. There is truly something for everybody in Italy, so it’s almost certain that you won’t leave your holiday thinking that you have wasted money on a trip that you didn’t really enjoy.

From sandy beaches to glorious cities to beautiful countryside, Italy has some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. You could be exploring stunning mountainous regions one day, then hiking around some of the beautiful lakes the country has to offer. This diversity means you could do everything that you want, all in the space of a vacation, making it the perfect excuse to visit Italy.



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