Reasons Why You Need More Italian Red Wine in Your Life

Do you know what we love about Italian red wine?

There are so many different things that we could wax lyrical about. So, we’ve decided to highlight some of the reasons why we love it, and why you should too.

There’s So Much Variety

Italy’s rich heritage in the wine industry doesn’t just mean that we have a lot of stories to tell about the many great producers who have helped to build the industry from the ground up. It also means that there’s a huge variety of red wines available that few other countries in the world can match.

In fact, a quick check of the Xtrawine website will show you that we currently have over 1,400 different vintages on sale, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other producers that we don’t work with, plus vintages from many other years that we don’t currently stock.

Simply put, there are thousands of different Italian red wines out there. Each of them has their own distinct flavour, which is influenced by everything from the region in which they were produced to the people who made it. Even the climate during a particular year has an effect on the taste of the wine.

Why does this matter?

Well it means that no two types of red wine will ever taste exactly the same. That means that you’re always going to find something to suit your tastes, no matter how wire-reaching your tastes may be. Drinking Italian red wine is about much more than pouring a glass and sipping it. Each new bottle is a journey of discovery that opens the way to new tastes and sensations.

It’s Great For Your Brain

There’s a lot of talk about how you should drink a glass of red wine every day, but there’s also plenty of medical evidence to show that red wine is actually beneficial to your health.

In fact, a study carried out by the Loyola University Medical Center in the United States demonstrated just how beneficial the occasional glass of red wine can be to your brain’s health.

It discovered that you’re 23% less likely to develop a serious neurological condition, such as dementia, if you’re a regular, moderate red wine drinker.

So, what does this mean in practice? Well, in addition to offering protection from the ravages of old age, it’s also likely that red wine can help you to keep your memory sharp.

Just think, that glass of wine after work may feel like a great way to relax. But it also means that you’re doing something that protects your brain far into the future.

It’s More Convenient Than Ever

Think back to the days before the internet. For some of you, that may not even be possible, Those born during the early days of the internet are now reaching a drinking age, which means they’ve never know a time without the conveniences this amazing technology has brought to us.

But for those of us who are a little bit older, we remember the days when our selection of Italian red wine was limited to whatever the local shops and wine dealers had in stock. Getting any other types of wine was much more of a hassle, as it required you to get in touch with other dealers or even manufacturers.

That’s not a problem today as the internet allowed for the development of online shopping that makes it easier than ever before to get your hands on a great bottle of red. We love Italian red wine because of how much easier it is to but now than it used to be, particularly for people who don’t live in Italy. Just a couple of clicks of a mouse is all that it takes to get a great bottle of wine delivered to your door.

It Actually Protects Your Liver

Yes, we all know the popular opinion. Actually, this is less of an opinion than actual fact. Drinking too much alcohol can have a devastating effect on your liver. Drinking to excess puts your liver in a constant state of overtime work as it tries to flush a ton of different things out of your system

In fact, this potential for long-term liver damage has prevented many people from embracing the joys of a good red wine.

But recent research suggests that red wine can actually benefit your liver, assuming you drink it correctly.

At the very least, it’s better for you than drinking other types of alcohol, such as beer and hard liquor. In fact, you’re four times less likely to develop of fatty liver diseases that aren’t linked to excessive alcohol consumption if you’re a red wine drinker. That’s surely enough reason for you to make the switch to a good Italian red wine.

There’s Such a Rich History

If you’re a regular on the Xtrawine blog, you probably already know just how much we like to dive into the rich histories of the people and companies who are behind the Italian wine industry.

In fact, wine producers have helped to shape the course of Italy’s history. They’ve developed what used to be a niche industry into a global one, and many important Italians have also demonstrated their talents with the vine over the centuries.

The simple fact is that every bottle of Italian red wine that you drink has a story behind it. Part of the joy of wine is taking the time to learn about those stories, so you can add a little bit of context to your drink.

The Final Word

There are so many reasons why we love Italian red wine. In fact, the five that we’ve spoken about here are really just the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even mentioned how a great bottle of red can improve a dinner party, serves as a good gift, or can even help you to meet new people.

There are so many reasons for you to drink red wine. Why not let us know what your reasons are in the comments section below.



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