Information About Vinitaly 2016

The 50th Vinitaly event has just taken place, concluding in the middle of April after a couple of successful days where visitors got the chance to experience some amazing Italian wines and some haute cuisine that was sure to get absolutely anybody excited. We are supporters of any events that promote Italian food and wine to the masses, so this week we thought we would take a look at some of the highlights of the event, so that those who didn’t attend can get a better idea of what they missed and maybe even start considering attending the 51st event when it is held next year.

The Doctor Wine Selection

One of the standout events of the show was the Doctor Wine Selection, which gave consumers a chance to enjoy stellar examples of red, white and sparkling wines, with somebody there to provide a little more information about each wine, helping people to get a better understanding of the hard work and technical expertise that went into crafting every single one. This exhibit ran at multiple times during the course of the event, holding special demonstrations for which there was a reserved list of visitors. If you want to stand a chance of seeing it next year, you will need to sign up early.


Though Vinitaly has dedicated itself to promoting the Italian wine industry, the organisers still recognise the importance of the international market and made sure to hold a special exhibit that took a look at some wonderful wines from as far away as Australia, Switzerland, England and, most interestingly of all, China. The Chinese market has been rapidly expanding in recent years, however, much of this has been built on the strength of importing. That makes it all the more remarkable that we are already starting to see some wines from the country develop the level of quality needed to be exhibited at such a prestigious event.

The International Buyer’s Lounge

The lounge returned for another year to offer exclusive tastes of some of the latest and greatest wines to some of the largest wholesale purchasers in the world. While not generally open to everybody, this reserved event is likely going to have played a large part in determining just which Italian wines are made widely available to people in the coming year, particularly in international markets where purchasing power is limited by the need to import. It will be very interesting to see just how much of an influence the buyer’s lounge has actually had on the coming state of the wine industry.


Dedicated solely to organic and biodynamic wines, this exhibition offered visitors much more information about the advantages of each and celebrated the fact that the industry related to such wines has been growing in recent years. Offering visitors the chance to taste wines that are widely considered to offer a more accurate representation of the land that spawned them, VinitalyBio was the perfect showcase for producers who choose to go the organic route, protecting their lands and creating extremely natural wines in the process. It’s an area that even many of the larger wine producers in the world are now exploring and we imagine that the VinitalyBio exhibit will start to grow in size and prominence in the coming years.

Of course, cuisine also played a large part in the event and there were a few places where visitors could stop by and take a load off while also enjoying some absolutely stellar food. Amongst the restaurant options on offer during the event were the following:

D’Autore Restaurant

Also offering a takeout service, this restaurant celebrated the marriage between Italian wine and the foods that go best with them. Featuring a host of experts who could provide even more information to visitors about how best to marry their wines with their foods, the restaurant was at once an educational experience and an opportunity for visitors to enjoy absolutely amazing cuisine during the course of the festivities. A number of local Italian delicacies were celebrated at the restaurant, plus a number of both prominent and new chefs had the opportunity to take the spotlight and craft dishes that delighted audiences and really helped bring the event together.

The Citadels of Gastronomy

Placing more of its focus on taking delicacies from various areas of Italy and pairing them with the wines that work best, The Citadels of Gastronomy offered people the chance to enjoy some more traditional cuisine, while also learning more about the deep marriage between Italian wine and the foods created in the regions where they are produced. Offering a range of menu options, The Citadels of Gastronomy proved to be a very popular attraction, especially amongst international visitors who wanted to be able to experience some Italian food at its most pure and traditional.

Ristorante Goloso

Playing host to a number of chefs who came directly from the Italian Federation of Chefs (IFC), Ristorante Goloso offered a wide range of dishes during the course of the event, with the menus being created specifically by the chefs. Furthermore, Ristorante Goloso also played host to the finals of the Junior Assistant Master Trophy (I Edition), which saw 16 young IFC members competing to see who could win.

Locanda Enolitech – Enolitech Hall

Finally, Locanda Enolitech offered a range of traditional Italian snacks for people who weren’t quite ready for full meals but still fancied a bite to eat. Rolls, flatbreads and salads were all on the menu, making this the perfect place to stop by if you just fancied a quick bite to eat.

All in all, the event can only be considered an absolutely resounding success, as visitors from far and wide got the chance to experience some of the absolute best that the Italian wine industry has to offer, while also ingratiating themselves into the culture of the country in the process. The 51st Vinitaly event is already being organized, so if you’re interested in going you need to sign up fast to reserve a place.


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