Great Wine in Great Cities

A good Italian red wine is always a joy, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re simply enjoying a glass with a good meal or sharing an entire bottle with friends at a dinner party, the sumptuous depths of a good red can be enjoyed by practically everybody.

Of course, for as amazing as the red wine itself is, the cities that produce them are just as spectacular. Italy has a rich culture of creating sumptuous red wines and their truly can be few greater pleasures than enjoying glass of wine in the city where it originated. With that in mind we have decided to list some of the best cities in Italy to enjoy a good red, with additional information about the best red wines that are regional to those areas.


Turin is currently one of the most important business and cultural centres on all of Italy and the city has a history stretching back more than two thousand years. The city has been known to exist since the Roman times, where the beginnings of the city were essentially used as a military camp. In fact, evidence of the Roman road grid system can still be found in various areas of the city.

From there the city slowly flourished into a centre of commerce and multiple rulers have held power there at various points. Its famed university was also set up back in the 15th century and is currently one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Italy.

Such richness of culture deserves a truly fine Italian red wine to go with it and Turin does not disappoint. The city is home to the famed Barolo wine, which is considered by many to be amongst the finest wines in the history of wine making. With a heritage almost as rich as the city itself, including the controversial Barolo Wars, this wine is the perfect complement to the centuries of history that can be enjoyed during a visit to Turin.


For many outside of Italy a visit to Rome is usually high on the list of places that need to be truly seen and experienced. Featuring some of the most stunning and majestic architecture in the world, plus pieces of art that continue to fascinate and inspire centuries after their creation, Rome is truly a gem amongst cities.

The city is simply steeped in culture, which has in turn made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A host of museums complement the artwork and architecture on display and it is easy to simply lose yourself wandering the streets of this historic city, drinking in everything that it has to offer. Having said that, there simply is not enough time in the day to truly experience everything that Rome can give you and it is always recommended to spend as much time as you can in the city to truly get a feel for just how special it really is.

Such an important city needs to have a great Italian red wine to truly round out its cultural heritage and Rome does not disappoint. The city is a pivotal area for the Italian winemaking industry and much of what eventually developed in the country can trace its origins to the city. The Cesanese wine in particular is steeped in the same rich heritage that the city exemplifies, finding its roots in the holy act of communion. If there is a red wine to experience while in Rome, this is it.


Florence is one the most historic and important centres of trade in all of Europe. The city has been called home by a number of the most important families in Italian history and is considered by many to be the birthplace of the Renaissance movement, which was one of the most important cultural shifts in the history of Italy.

The city is perhaps also well-known as being home of the famous and fearsome Medici family in addition to being a centre of tourism unlike any other in Italy. Notable residents of the city in times gone by include the famous poet Dante Alighieri and amazing artists including Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo Da Vinci. To say that the city is steeped in culture and artistic heritage would frankly be something of an understatement.

Of course, as with all great Italian cities winemaking has proven to be an important aspect of the continued growth and development of the region in the modern age. Florence is home to the historic region of Tuscany and, as any wine lover will know, Tuscany is home to Chianti. This classic Italian red wine has been subject to some controversy in modern times, leading to the advent of the Super Tuscan variations, but this simply means that there is even more of varieties of this classic wine for the true connoisseur to enjoy. There are few experiences in life that are more fulfilling than drinking in the culture of Florence while enjoying a beautiful Chianti.

Italy is a country that is simply immersed in the culture of wine. The most famous and prestigious winemaking families can often trace their roots so far back that it can be argued that they have been pivotal in the formation of what has become the modern Italy and would certainly been important to the local economies of the cities in which they operated in.

Because of this, experiencing the great Italian red wines produced by these cities, and others like it, will always be an endeavour that is heartily recommended to anybody who truly wishes to enjoy the culture and heritage of this great culture. To truly immerse yourself into the amazing architecture and stunning works of art that have been produced in these cities, one must also immerse themselves in the culture of the day in which the artists were working. By enjoying a red wine that is typical of these eras and the cities that crafted them, escaping into the wonders of the most amazing Italian cities in the world becomes all the more enjoyable.



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