Castelvecchio: Wrapped in a timeless atmosphere

The Azienda Agricola Castelvecchio stands just above Sagrado, where Gorizia’s Karst offers an extraordinary natural and peaceful scenery. The view from this plateau (150 m. above sea level) is unique and embraces the whole region, from the Julian Alps to the nearby Gulf of Trieste.

The rich landscapes blend marvellously with the noble, ancient origins of the area which is still embodied by the Renaissance Villa and by the park and old oak trees of the forest estate. This land has seen splendour and ruin alternating through the years and still challenges man with its diffcult dry and rocky soil, capable of producing wines of great character from the vineyards located in the heart of the estate.

Castelvecchio has been owned by the Terraneo family since 1986, and the family has enhanced it whilst greatly respecting its history and demonstrating a deep love for the fruits of the earth it produces.

The vineyards in the Karst region: a unique terroir

The 120 hectares surrounding the commercial Farm are part of a natural park of limestone and red soil which is rich in minerals. This is a difficult, but generous land, which offers an ideal environment for cultivating vines. Its dry breezy microclimate, with a good temperature range, is also helped by being close to the sea. The Bora, the local wind, blows often and thus keeps the vines healthy and ensures an ideal climate for the grapes. It is in this setting that the Farm nurtures its vineyards, which occupy 40 of the central hectares of the property.

One of the most famous historic annotations concerning the excellency of Karst wines dates back to Roman times, reported by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia whilst writing about the medicinal properties of Pucinum (now known as Terrano).

600 olive trees of various cultivars for producing a very fine extra virgin olive oil stand next to the vineyards.

Red and white wines are the result of our rocky lands and passion

The Karst is a unique and inimitable place and the wines of Castelvecchio allow discovering the uniqueness of this terroir. White and red wines are produced according to a traditional winemaking Craftsmanship from vineyard to cellar and fully respecting the Karst lands. The winemaking is simple and the refinement differs according to their vintage: the whites are aged in steel, the reds mature 2/3 years in wood.

Castelvecchio gives maximum emnphasis to its native vines among which the red wines Terrano, Refosco stand out together with the Istrian Malvasia and Vitovska white wines. Various varieties of Bordeaux origin produced here; these go back a long way in Friuli and have elected the Karst as their chosen area. The best years allow producing the Sagrado Rosso, a luxury cuvée and historical label for Castelvecchio.



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