Berlucchi ’61: the line that celebrates the excellence of Franciacorta

The Berlucchi ’61 line is a celebration of tradition and innovation in the world of Franciacorta, the renowned Italian sparkling wine. Created to commemorate 1961, the year when Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani produced the first Franciacorta, this line embodies the passion, artistry, and dedication that characterize Berlucchi’s production.

The History of Berlucchi

The history of Berlucchi wines begins in the 1950s. Guido Berlucchi, noble country man and owner of the original Borgonato estate, was looking for a technician capable of stabilizing his Pinot del Castello, the white wine he produced with passion. The winemaker Franco Ziliani was the right person at the right time.

Ziliani, in fact, had a vision: to create a wine that could compete with the best French champagnes. Berlucchi, as a refined wine lover, understood the importance of this challenge and accepted it.

After some less fortunate years, in 1961 three thousand bottles of Pinot di Franciacorta were sealed. Uncorked the following year, they turn out to be excellent. Thus was born the first classic method sparkling wine from Franciacorta.

Cantina cellar

The Philosophy of the ’61 Line

The Berlucchi ’61 line represents a tribute to the year when it all began. Each bottle in the line is crafted from grapes sourced from the best vineyards in Franciacorta, cultivated following strict sustainability and quality standards. The goal is to create wines that not only reflect the excellence of the territory but also the innovative vision of its founders.

The Stars of the ’61 Line

Berlucchi ’61 Brut

Berlucchi ’61 Brut is a balanced and versatile Franciacorta, perfect for any occasion. Characterized by a fine and persistent perlage, it offers notes of fresh fruit, citrus, and subtle hints of bread crust on the nose. On the palate, it is fresh and lively, with a harmonious finish that invites another sip.

Berlucchi '61 Brut

Berlucchi ’61 Satèn

The Satèn is a refined and delicate expression of Franciacorta, made exclusively from Chardonnay grapes. This wine stands out for its softness and finesse, with a creamy perlage and notes of white-fleshed fruit, white flowers, and almond. Perfect for pairing with fish dishes and light appetizers.

Berlucchi '61 Satèn

Berlucchi ’61 Rosé

Il Berlucchi ’61 Rosé is an elegant and sophisticated choice, obtained from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This sparkling wine has a pale pink color and a very fine perlage. On the nose, it releases aromas of red fruits such as strawberries and cherries, along with delicate floral notes. On the palate, it is fresh and balanced, with a pleasant aromatic persistence.

Berlucchi '61 Rosé

Commitment to the Future of Franciacorta

Berlucchi is synonymous not only with quality but also with sustainability. The company has adopted environmentally friendly agricultural practices, reducing the use of pesticides and promoting biodiversity in the vineyards. The goal is to preserve the Franciacorta territory for future generations while continuing to produce excellent wines with respect for nature.

Berlucchi ’61 line represents the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Each bottle tells the story of a unique territory and the pioneering vision of its creators. Whether for a special toast, an elegant dinner, or a moment of conviviality, Berlucchi ’61 wines are always the ideal choice to celebrate Italian excellence. Cheers!


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