While we place much of our time into finding and promoting the best Italian wines that the country has to offer, that doesn’t mean that we don’t also recognise that there are many wines from all over the world that lovers of the great drink deserve to experience. In fact, part of our philosophy it to ensure that only the best wines are made available on our website, so we make sure to look for vintages that will scintillate, no matter where in the world they come from.

Our search takes us all over the world of wine and our site plays host to spectacular vintages from France, Germany, Argentina and many others. However, it is the great country of Portugal that we will be focusing on today. Portugal has a rich wine heritage that is often downplayed when compared to some of the more prominent European powerhouses. Despite this, the country is known for producing some truly spectacular wines and, in Bacalhoa, they have a winemaking powerhouse that produces some truly spectacular vintages. Here we will be taking a more in-depth look at the company and its history, explaining how it has managed to become one of the largest wine producers in Portugal.

The History

Bacalhoa has a rich history in its native land and is particularly well-known for its penchant for innovation within the field. The company constantly has an eye pointed towards the future, which means that it is always looking for new ways to craft the finest wines and tries to apply them as often as it possible can, while still maintaining the proper respect for the rich traditions that have informed the company’s growth over so many years.

This dedication to finding the blends that will be of the highest quality possible has led to an upsurge in popularity, which means that the company is now one of the largest producers of wine in all of Portugal. This meteoric rise has been handled admirable and the company has expanded whenever needed to suit the increasing demands of its clientele. However, it is important to note that none of this expansion would have been possible if not for the fact that Bacalhoa produces excellent quality wines.

In fact, their range is now so wide reaching that it is possible to find a wine that will suit your tastes, regardless of where you preferences lie. Unlike many of the top wine makers in Italy, Bacalhoa does not restrict itself to just one wine region. In fact the company now maintains a presence in seven different regions throughout Portugal, which not only shows the size of their operation but also ably demonstrates why they are able to maintain such a wide and varied portfolio of wines.

The company applies its vision for innovation to these wine areas, taking the individual characteristics that defines each one and turning them towards the ideal of making a great wine that properly represents the region. This dedication has not only led to an increasing level of popularity on the domestic level, but has also resulted in the company gaining the international recognition that they so richly deserve.

Today the company maintains a total of 1,200 hectares of vineyards across these seven regions, which are cultivated through the use of three different wine-producing centres. This has allowed the company to build a base of strength from which all of its marketing emanates, however, they also show their deference to the many regions in which they operate by allowing for 70% autonomy within the winemaking process for each of their 40 castes.

This has led to the company establishing three different entities to represent its vision – Aliança Vinhos de Portugal, Quinta do Carmo and Quinta dos Loridos. Each of these has its own distinct production centre and brings its own ideas to the table, meaning that there is a constant flow of thought throughout the company as a whole. This only lends itself further to the innovative attitudes that the company espouses and allows them to continue cultivating new ideas, safe in the knowledge that their wines are in good hands.

The use of these three entities allows for a dynamic that is practically unique in the winemaking world, creating an environment where different ideas flow throughout the company based on the experiences of those working for each entity. Couple this with the company’s dedication towards exploring and innovating the latest winemaking technologies and you have a winemaker that is truly dedicated to having a front-facing vision.

This has led the company to stand alone in the Portuguese market, with their army of wine experts all working in harmony to create different dynamics, ensuring that the company is able to offer a wine that suits practically every single occasion.

Bacalhoa Moscatel de Setubal 2011

The Bacalhoa Moscatel de Setubal 2011 is one of the best white wines to come from the company and has quickly gained a reputation for its fragrance and its tender taste. The reviews don’t lie and every organisation that has tested the wine has come back with a very high opinion of it, meaning it can stand alongside the very best white wines from the Italian territories with no trouble at all.

Featuring a topaz colouring that is sure to catch the eye before you experience anything else that the drink has to offer, Bacalhoa Moscatel de Setubal 2011 offers fragrances of orange blossom, citrus, raisins and candied fruits, making it the ideal white wine for somebody who has a little bit of a sweet tooth.

On the palate the aromas persist and mesh into the overall flavour, making this an excellent wine to enjoy if you are looking for something refreshing during a warm summer day or you want to find an excellent aperitif that will not overburden your guests with its depth. The long and persistent finish only adds to the charm, allowing you to enjoy the wine long after you have consumed it. Simply put, it is an excellent wine for most occasion and one that certainly deserves recognition here at Xtrawine.