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Why you should choose us as you wine merchant of choice

For as long as there have been amazing Italian wine makers there have also been plenty of Italian wine merchants whose main goal is to ensure that all of the spectacular creations from our premier producers find their way from the vineyard and into the possession of the people who will appreciate them most.

From the smallest stores and individual vendors right through to supermarkets and online shops that are dedicated to delivering the best the wine world has to offer to your doorstep, there is no shortage of suppliers who are itching to provide you with the latest and greatest vintages.

So why should you choose us ahead of all the rest? Here are just a few reasons.


Here at Xtrawine we are dedicated to providing our customers with the largest selection of high-quality vintages from as many top-class producers as possible. We have literally hundreds of wines available in our online store that are sure to suit even the most discerning of tastes and we supply everything from affordable bottles intended for general use right through to the most prestigious vintages that are sure to impress friends and dinner party guests.

Our repertoire is constantly growing, to the point where much of the joy of visiting our website comes from searching through the many wines we have on offer to find the one that is just perfect for your taste.

Furthermore, we also stock a wide supply of accessories that are ideal for the true connoisseur, ensuring that your wine collection has everything it needs to really make an impression.


What good is choice if all of the wines on offer are out of your price range? We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every vintage we offer is priced fairly and, in most cases, we sell our wines at a lower price point than you will find in brick and mortar stores.

Our pricing is structured in such a way that it also indicates the quality of the wine on sale. Where prices are higher you can guarantee that you will be receiving a vintage that is a cut above the rest, meaning that our site caters to everybody from the wine tasting novice right through to the experienced connoisseur.


We don’t just sell wines. We want to provide as much information about them as possible to the people who are most interested in it. In addition to our general product descriptions, which give you all the information you need in regards to compositions, production and DOC/DOCG regulations, we also maintain a blog that is packed to the brim with interesting features.

We want the men and women who bring this wonderful drinks to the public to get all of the recognition that they deserve. That’s why we write features revolving around famous vintages and pay homage to the many great Italian families that have played such an important part in the development of Italian wine culture. Our blog, much like the site, is constantly being updated with new pieces and we hope that your find them as interesting to read as we do to write.

In addition to all of this we also maintain a glossary that covers practically every single term you may come across on your wine tasting adventure, a list of many of the great wine production areas, a definitive list of every variety of grape you are likely to find in the wines we sell and, finally, a profile section that highlights every winemaker who product we sell.


We mentioned prices before, but we really want to draw your attention to the amazing promo offers that are available on the site. Every so often we will reduce the price of a particular vintage for a limited time, creating the perfect opportunity for those who are a little on the fence about a particular drink to take the plunge and give it a try. After all, we want you to discover as many amazing wines as possible so if we can give you a helping hand along the way we are all the happier.

The ‘Promo’ section of our website contains a handy list of all the wines on-site that are currently on offer. Many of them have as much as a 20% reduction from their original price point. Bear in mind that the list is constantly changing so it’s always worth revisiting from time to time to see if there is something new that catches your eye.

Quality of service

Above all else we want to build our reputation is the premier supplier of Italian wines. To do that we need to ensure that we offer you, our valued customers, with everything you need to know to make a decision, followed up by a flawless delivery process that ensures you get your product quickly and efficiently. We also have a handy contact details area of the site where you can get in touch with us and provide any feedback you may have.

Additionally, we also offer services outside of standard delivery for those who wish to have their purchase delivered as a gift to a friend or loved one. Or gift service ensures that the products you buy are beautifully presented and expertly delivered. Furthermore, we also offer corporate gifting services for those who want to make a great impression in the office.

When all is said and done we love Italian wine and we want to share that love with everybody who visits our website. We are constantly working to improve our service, whether it be through researching new wines and products to make available to our customers, working on feedback received through the site or simply providing as much information as we possibly can in relation to this venerable and historic profession. Our passion for wine is unparalleled and we hope that our website exudes this passion through every digital pore. Please take your time and explore everything that we have to offer as we work towards becoming the foremost Italian wine merchant.



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