Visit Sardinia For A Vacation And Great Wine

Located 150 miles off the west coast of mainland Italy, Sardinia has quickly developed a reputation as being a haven for tourists who want to explore more about Italian wine culture. The island is the second-largest in the Mediterranean, covering about 9,300 square miles. Much of this land is taken up by vineyards and wine producers, meaning that there is plenty of potential to experience some new wines and learn more about the many producers that the island hosts when you come to visit.

The island is steeped in history, having been owned by a variety of empires and kingdoms during the course of its history. This multicultural background is reflected in everything from the names of places on the island, through to the varied and interesting architecture. Furthermore, the people on the island also speak a remarkable range of language and dialects, especially considering that the island itself is not exactly huge.

Of course, this trend towards variety is also demonstrated with the wine grapes that are grown on the island, with Sardinia playing host to a variety of different grapes from all sorts of regions.

Sardinia has also been one of the five autonomous regions in Italy since the 18th century, again lending it a feeling that is quite unlike anywhere else in the country. The culture on the island bears many of the hallmarks of traditional Italian culture, however, there is also plenty to see and experience that you won’t find on the mainland.

This is perhaps most obvious in the wine culture that the island has. Though now a popular area to visit for wine tourists, the island has only really been a major player in the Italian wine industry for the last century or so. When you consider just how ingrained wine is to the culture in Italy, this shows that Sardinia took a while to find its rightful place. Today, however, the region is well-known for the quality of its wines and the gorgeous natural environments that can be found. Here we look at some of the best reasons to pay Sardinia a visit.

No Hustle and Bustle

Many people who want to visit Italy want to be able to experience the amazing culture and wonderful wines without being overrun by the hustle and bustle that is often found in major cities. This is where Sardinia becomes the perfect choice. The island offers a sweet and tranquil location for those who want to explore more about the great history of Italy, its wines and the many empires and kingdoms that have found their ways into the country over the years. Sardinia is the perfect place to go if you are looking to relax and allow all of your troubles to melt away and at no point during your vacation will you ever feel as though you are being rushed or have to deal with overly loud crowds that spoil the relaxation that you aim to enjoy.

Beautiful Beaches

Sardinia also plays host to some of the most stunning beaches that the Mediterranean has to offer, so if you are looking to top up your tan or relax by the ocean waves, there really are few better places in the world to do so. Again, the fact that the island is not really a tourist hotspot means that you will have the chance to experience these beaches to their fullest potential, allowing you to relax and take in some truly scenic views that are not available anywhere else in the world.

The Food And Bars

As you might expect from a place that is so steeped in Italian culture, food and wine play a large role in the many joys that you can experience in Sardinia. The local people are justifiably proud of the many delicacies that they are capable of creating and there is plenty of enjoyment to be found by visiting local restaurants and partaking in a dish or two alongside a nice glass of Sardinian wine. You are never too far away from a restaurant or nice bar, and you will never feel any less than welcome when you make your way around them.

The History

Sardinia has something of a unique cultural background, as we touched upon earlier. The island has been owned or occupied by everybody from the Romans onwards and the ruins of old architecture reflect that fact. If you know where to look you will be able to find old Roman buildings, Pisan churches and Spanish baroque architecture, alongside a host of other spectacular sights. There are few places in the world that feature such an interesting mish-mash of architectural and cultural styles, meaning that there is always plenty to see and you never end up feeling bored by seeing too much of the same thing.

The Wine

Of course, we come back to one of the most important things about the island of Sardinia; the wine. The island has only really become a powerhouse in the Italian wine industry over the course of the last couple of centuries, but that doesn’t change fact that it has a proud heritage that is available for exploration by anybody who takes an interest. Many of the producers on the island are more than happy to host guided tours that will help you learn a little bit more about the history of some spectacular vintages and how the Sardinian climates and lands differ from those on the mainland and what this offers to the wines produced there. You will also be able to find many local varieties in the many bars and restaurants on Sardinia, so there is always going to be something new to try.

The Final Word

Sardinia is a true diamond that is worth exploring regardless of what you are looking for from a vacation. Wine lovers will obviously want to spend as much time in the many vineyards that the island hosts as possible, but there really is something for everyone, from great food through to remarkable beaches and plenty of history.



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