The Best Italian Wines (Of All Types) to Ring in the New Year

We haven’t even gotten Christmas out of the way yet and we’re already turning our attention to the dawning of a New Year. It may seem a little bit soon for a few of you, but the simple fact is that the New Year comes just a week or so after the festive period, which means you need to start preparing now if you’re going to make the most out of it.

After all, you’re surely going to be too busy over Christmas to prepare for it then.

Perhaps you already have a party that you’re heading too. Or maybe you’re planning on hosting a party of your own. That’s a lot scarier, as it means you’ve got to figure out what to serve and how to ensure that every guest has an amazing time.

Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, there’s one constant that will always make a New Year’s party better – Italian wine.

So with that in mind, we’re going to take a look at the wines that will help you ring in the New Year. Best of all, we’re not just going to stick to the classics.

Having said that… we’re certainly starting with one.


When it comes to sparkling white wines to drink at New Year’s, you’re looking at either Prosecco or Champagne.

Champagne may be the more traditional option, but it’s also the more expensive of the two. Why spend the extra money when you can get a sparkling white that’s just as good in Prosecco.

Regulars to our blog will have seen us wax lyrical about the joys of Prosecco many times before now, so we won’t dig too deep into it all again here. Simply put, this is the perfect wine to serve to those who may not be big wine drinkers. Plus, it’s light enough for you to enjoy a glass or two without feeling bloated or full up as the night goes on.

It’s a classic and you should always have a few bottles of it ready for when midnight strikes.


What better wine than the King of Wines to help you to bring in the New Year.

Now, Barolo probably isn’t the best wine to choose if you know that you’re going to have a lot of revellers at the party. If people are going to be drinking and dancing all night, a complex Barolo may not do the trick for them. It could end up feeling a little too heavy after a night of drinking other alcohol. Plus, it may not sit too well in the stomach if you’re going to be dancing the night away.

However, not everyone celebrates the New Year with a wild party. You may have a more subtle dinner party planned, which is where a good bottle of Barolo is really going to shine.

Of course, almost any bottle that carries the DOC label is going to go down a treat. But we recommend pushing the boat at a little bit and getting something a touch more refined from this category. After all, you’re celebrating an even that comes but once a year.

Pinot Grigio

If you’re looking for a white wine that’s friendly on the budget and still an easy drink, Pinot Grigio may be the best choice for you.

Again, this wine’s lack of complexity makes it a great choice for larger parties, as it’s sure to suit a large number of people’s tastes. It’ll become a favourite at your party pretty quickly, so you’d best make sure that you stock up on a few bottles. Thankfully, it’s budget-friendly nature means that isn’t a problem.

We also recommend trying to keep the wine chilled until the moment that you serve it. And if there’s any left over, seal the bottle and pop it back in the fridge so that it maintains its freshness throughout the night.

You’ll find plenty of great Pinot Grigio’s on the Xtrawine website, including the Torre Rosazza Pinot Grigio 2017. At just over 11 Euros, it’s definitely great if you’re trying to stick to a budget. But you’re not sacrificing quality either, as the wine has a 94/100 rating from our own experts.

Firriato Charme Rosato 2017

We’re going to get a little bit more specific with our last selection.

If you’re looking to strike the balance between red and white Italian wine, while also giving your guests the bubbly that they’re probably expecting during New Years, the Firriato Charme Rosato 2017 may just be the perfect choice.

It’s a tasty sparkling rosé that’s got enough different qualities that satisfy almost anybody at your party. It has the fizz that so many people love in their celebratory drinks. It’s refreshing too, which means you’re party guests aren’t going to start feeling the weight of the wine too much as the night goes on.

And for the red wine lovers among your guests, it has just a sprinkling of complexity that will make it a little more interesting than the usual wines that you find at a New Year’s party.

We’ve chosen this particular wine because it tastes great and also allows you to stick to a budget. At less than 12 euros, it’s a perfect accompaniment to the Torre Rosazza Pinot Grigio 2017, allowing you to offer plenty of variety at your party without having to break the bank.

The Final Word

The truth is that there’s no “correct” wine to celebrate the coming of a New Year with. As long as you – and your guests – enjoy the wine then you’ve made the right choice.

This list just gives you a couple of suggestions for if you’re struggling to find the right wine for your party. The last two, in particular, can be found on the Xtrawine website and are super budget friendly. After all of the spending that took place over Christmas, being able to save a little money is always a good thing.

Whatever choices you make, we hope you enjoy your New Year’s party!



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