Halloween and Italian Wine – Some Fun Activities for the Spooky Season

You’re too old for trick or treating!

Yes, we know that it’s heartbreaking. Why should the kids get all of the candy? You’ve got a sweet tooth too…so why can’t you go out and grab your share.

Unfortunately, you can’t. It’s just one of the many things that changes when you enter adulthood.

But the good news is that there’s something else that changes when you grow up…

You get to enjoy Italian wine!

And it’s not like you can’t celebrate Halloween as an adult either. In fact, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will let you enjoy the spooky season why making the most out of the wines that you love so much too.

Idea #1 – The Halloween Party

This is definitely the most obvious idea on the list. But it’s here because it’s a classic that you can’t really go wrong with. 

Get some spooky decorations, maybe cook up a few Halloween-themed foods, and invite your guests along. Of course, they all have to come in their own costumes or it’s no different from any other party that you might hold.

And just like any other party, the wine can flow into the night. Just make sure you don’t drink too much of it or you may have to deal with a completely different type of horror story.

However, you can add a little bit of extra wine-based excitement to the proceedings. If you have enough people turning up, or you’re organising a party event rather than a house party, you could hold a competition for best Halloween costume. 

Of course, the winner gets a gorgeous bottle of Italian wine to add to their collection!

Idea #2 – Break Out a Scary Movie

There’s a reason why there are so many scary movies out there!

For whatever reason, we humans are strange creatures who enjoy scaring ourselves silly. So of course, nestling down and turning on a scary movie is a great way to enjoy Halloween.

Here’s what we recommend…

Turn off all of the lights and make sure that you’ve got a big enough sofa to hide behind. And of course, there’s safety in numbers so this is definitely something that you should do with company.

A nice glass of wine may just help to calm your nerves. And the alcohol may just give you the bit of Dutch courage that you need to make it all of the way to the end of the film.

Just make sure the glass isn’t in range when you’re jumping out of your skin. After all, trying to get Italian red wine out of the carpet is almost as scary as the film that you’re watching!

If you really want to go with the movie idea, you could organise your own 24-hour movie massacre marathon. Just back to back frights for an entire day! There are even some cinemas out there that organise this sort of event!

Idea #3 – The Horror House Experience

Do you remember the ghost train from when you were a kid? Perhaps you remember exploring the haunted houses at theme parks when you were younger?

Well there are now certain companies that have updated these types of experiences for adults. With live actors and terrifying locations, they’re enough to the heart racing, no matter how much you think that you can take the scares.

Of course, you’re not going to be able to take your favorite glass of wine into one of these experiences. You’d only end up losing it in terror when the first ghastly ghoul jumps out at you anyway.

But there’s nothing more calming than a nice glass of red!

So why not shatter your nerves for an hour before relaxing with your friend with a nice glass of wine or three?

Idea #4 – Carve Some Pumpkins

If you have children, you already know about the pain of taking them out trick or treating and not receiving any candy for yourself.

The good news is that there are still activities that you can share that are as rewarding for you as they are for your kids.

Carving pumpkins is one of them.

Most supermarkets sell plump pumpkins especially for this purpose during the spooky season. Grab one and work with your kids to create your own unique design. This is a great chance to get creative!

We’d recommend keeping the wine until after the kids go to bed though. We don’t really like the idea of mixing carving knives and alcohol too much!

Idea #5 – A Séance

Now we’re getting into the seriously spooky stuff.

During a séance, you’re actively trying to communicate with the dead. There are all sorts of ways that people try this, from working with a professional psychic through to buying a Ouija board.

Now, we’re inclined to say that this is all a bit of fun and isn’t something to take too seriously. But if horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that trying to get in touch with the dead can have dire consequences.

So, this idea is definitely not for the faint-hearted. And if you believe in the powers of black magic, you might want to avoid it altogether.

Still, you might find that it’s an interesting experience if you’re trying to raise the spook-factor. And this idea is probably the one that most closely harkens back to the legends that Halloween is the time of year when spirits try to make contact with those who are still in the physical world.

The Final Word

There’s still plenty that you can do to celebrate Halloween now that it’s no longer socially acceptable for you to pester people for candy. And you get the added benefit of being able to add some Italian wine into the experience, if you’re so inclined.

If you’d like to find the perfect bottle for your Halloween plans, there are plenty available on the xtraWine website. Just check out our catalogue to see what we have in stock today.



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