Giorgi Gran Cuvee Storica

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at one of the many amazing companies that contribute to the popularity and reach of the Italian wine industry. However, our recent exploration of the history of Pinot Nero has led us to think about some of the great companies that have built their reputations on the cultivation of this remarkable grape. Pinot Nero can and does produce some absolutely spectacular wines, but it takes the talents of an exceptional winemaker to truly get the most out of it.

That led us right to the door of the Giorgi wine company. For over 30 years, the company has been at the forefront of Pinot Nero production in Italy. This week, we’re going to take a look at the company’s history before delving into one of the wines that it’s built its reputation on.

The History

While they may have been a top name in Italian Pinot Nero production for three decades, Giorgi’s history in the wine industry actually dates back much further than that. The family can trace its history in industry all the way back to 1875. This is when the family first started producing wines and growing grapes. Back then, much of what they grew was given to other wine producers, but the family did also produce its own wines, which it sold internationally as well as in Italy.

The company had grander designs that simply being a grape grower for other wine companies though. The family patriarch decided that the time was right to push beyond the restrictions that growing grapes for other people presents. Instead, he decided to internalise the company’s production and placed a great deal of focus on the company’s supply chain.

Unfortunately, it was hardly a fast process. In fact, it took almost a century for the Giorgi family to start developing the reputation that it has in the modern era. But during all of this time, the family placed its focus on improving its production chain. Each new vintage brought with it a greater level of quality until, finally, the idea of creating a winery was realised in 1970.

Two brothers, named Antonio and Gianfranco, finally realised the vision that the family patriarch had dreamed up so many years before. They also built a more modern wine cellar, using the latest in advanced winemaking technology at the time. In doing so, they both paid homage to the traditional methods that had paved their way and ensures that the company was ready to take on the challenges that the modern wine industry presents.

As is often the case when two people run a wine company, one of the brothers took responsibility for the production of the wine while the other handled the business side of things.

All of this led to the construction of a third cellar, located in Camponoce, and the company was finally set up to achieve the success it had long dreamed of. During all of this time, the quality of its Pinot Nero was not in question. The only issue they had was creating the distribution chain that would allow them to demonstrate their qualities to the world.

By 1980, the company finally reached full, nationwide market penetration. A network of 80 salespeople has helped them to get their wines to a large audience than ever before. Suddenly, the Giorgi wines were in some of the country’s best wine bars and restaurants, gaining national prominence in the process.

That brings us to the present day. The company has gone from strength to strength in the years since it managed to break the domestic market. Now, you can find Giorgi wines in almost 60 countries around the world, with 160 agents now helping the company to expand its interests and get into new markets.

The quality of their wines has also received the recognition that they deserve. Over the last 30 years, Giorgi has received the Five Bunches Sommelier award, as well as the Tre Bicchieri Gambero Rosso.

All of this became possible because of the dream of one individual over a hundred years ago. Since those early days, family has always stood at the centre of the Giorgi story. It’s a company that has stayed within the family since its inception, with each new generation working with the old, and eventually the new.

Today, Antonio leverages his vast experience in the industry to the benefit of his company. His supported by Fabiano, who helps with the sales and marketing side of things, Eleonora, who deals with administration, and Ileana, who handles the company’s international operations. The family has also recently welcomed a new addition, named Ginevra, who has lent her name to one of their wines.

Giorgi is a company that places a great deal of importance on family. But we know that you’re itching to hear more about its wines. This week’s selection is a wonderful Pinot Nero that we think everybody should try at least once.

Giorgi Gran Cuvee Storica 1870 Op Pinot Nero 2012

Pinot Nero may be better known as a red wine grape variety, but Giorgi have done remarkable things to craft a stunning sparkling white wine that can give even the best Proseccos a real run for their money.

Upon pouring, you will notice that the wine has a beautiful straw-yellow colouring, with just the faintest hints of gold punctuating it. There are also the slightest flashes of pearl, which lends the one a unique visual quality that will have you admiring it for a long time.

Of course, it’s the bouquet and the taste that make wine lovers come back for more. Bring the wine to the nose and you’ll recognise plenty of interesting notes. It mixes vanilla and mint with hints of sage and apricot to create an interesting menagerie of flavours for you to enjoy.

To the taste, you’ll notice that the wine has dry qualities, though it also has a velvet feel that may throw you off a little. You’ll enjoy all of the notes that you recognised in the bouquet, as well as a fine and long aftertaste that you can enjoy for several minutes before taking another sip.


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