Does Johnny Depp Really Spend $30,000 Per Month on Wine

If you’ve been following the celebrity gossip over the last few months, you likely already know that famous actor Johnny Depp has landed himself in a bit of hot water regarding his finances.

The Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissorhands star has been embroiled in a dispute with his financial managers in recent months relating to how they’ve handled his money.

It all comes down to a company called TMG. Over the course of the 17 years that they’d represented Depp, he’d made over $600 million.

But now, they’ve told him that he’s in dire financial straits and that he has to sell a bunch of his assets.

Naturally, this is pretty astounding news to anybody who’s enjoyed the financial success that Depp, has. A lawsuit quickly followed, which alleges that TMG have mishandled Depp’s funds over the course of his career.

But here’s the twist in the tale.

TMG have fired back with a cross-complaint that points out that the company has regularly advised Depp to get a handle on what they deem his “reckless” spending. According to them, Depp is himself is the reason for his own financial downfall.

The case is still very much ongoing, so we’re unlikely to know the truth of what’s happened for quite some time. But there’s an interesting little bit of information that’s come out during the legal battle.

$30,000 Per Month on Wine

Think about how much you spend every month on wine.

Even if you get through a few bottles every week, you’re unlikely to be spending much more than a couple of hundred dollars/euros/pounds. Even if you have a taste for the more expensive end of the wine spectrum, it’s still unlikely that you’re breaking the thousand dollar mark.

But according to TMG, Johnny Depp spends $30,000 per month on wine. That’s $360,000 every year.

The documents claim that Depp has various wines flown in from all over the world, all of which is for personal consumption. And that’s a monumental amount of wine. While he may be spending $1,000+ per bottle, that would still mean 30 bottles that he gets through each month.

Of course, a man like Depp has plenty of reason to have plenty of wine. But that’s not really the issue here.

The main question is a simple one.

Is it true?

If Depp does spend that much on wine every month, and TMG can prove it, it may act as an indicator that he really is as reckless with his spending as they claim.

For his part, Depp has come out in opposition of the claims. He says that it’s “offensive” to claim that he would spend quite so much on wine every single month.

And we can see where he’s coming from with that statement. The claim paints Depp as somebody with no understanding of finances, as well as little understanding of the fact that the amount he allegedly spends on wine is more than many people make over the course of a year.

Depp’s Love of Wine

Of course, it’s no secret that Depp is a lover of wine. Whether it’s French, Spanish, or Italian wine, Depp has likely explored it.

In fact, his love for wine is so strong that he’s even dabbled in buying his own vineyards in the past.

Back in 2007, Depp reportedly bought a vineyard in France for his then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. However, reports of that purchase may have been overblown. The only local cooperative that represents the area where Depp made his purchase came out to say that his estate didn’t include any winemaking facilities.

What is known is that he does own a vineyard, which he uses to make wine for his own personal use.

So the history with wine is there. But owning a vineyard for his own personal use raises more questions about the claims. After all, if he’s making his own wines, would he really have need for $30,000 worth of wines from all areas of the world too?

It’s a difficult question to answer, not least because the court case is ongoing. We haven’t seen the evidence in full and Depp hasn’t argued against it in a court of law.

Still, if true, it’s an interesting revelation. There are plenty of people who love wines of all types. But $30,000 is a huge amount for anybody to spend.

The Final Word

What happens from here?

The truth is that nobody knows for certain. As mentioned, the court case is only just getting underway. And with a case that’s so complex, it will likely be several years before we get any sort of resolution. Is Johnny Depp such an irresponsible spender that he blows $30,000 per month on wine? And it this just the tip of the iceberg of a pattern of spending that would prove TMG’s claims.

TMG would certainly like you to think so. And that’s likely one of the reasons why Depp finds the claims so offensive. They paint a picture of a man who’s so disconnected from the “reality” that most people face that he’s spending six figures on wine every year without giving it a second thought.

It’s a clear attempt to paint him in a bad light, alongside all of the other alleged spending that he’s done over the years. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true either.

Only time will tell.

Xtrawine is going to stay neutral in the whole thing of course. We’re just interested in the possibility that somebody could spend so much on wine every month and not even realise that they’re spending so much.

We imagine that everybody reading this won’t have the same sort of budget to spend as Depp reportedly had. And that’s okay, because Xtrawine offers plenty of wines of all types and prices for all of our customers. Please take a moment to browse our online store and see if one of the many Italian wines that we offer takes your fancy. You won’t have to spend $30,000 per month to get great wine with Xtrawine.


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