A Look At the Majolini Family

The history of Italian wine is decorated with some truly fine families, many of whom have made their name and maintained their reputations over centuries thanks to the quality of the drinks that they produce.

It is in large part due to these families that the industry is experiencing the boom that is has done in recent years, as they lay the foundations for what would become one of the country’s most important exports while also having an enormous influence on the culture of Italy and the many great people to have emerged from the country.

While some of these families are more well-known than others, with the likes of the Antinoris and similarly tenured families garnering a lot of attention and international acclaim, there are a number of other families who have been just as important to the development of the industry over the years.

The Manjolini family is one such family. Though they haven’t achieved the international acclaim of some of their peers, they have continued to create truly great wines for more than 500 years and are firmly cemented in the industry as one of the truly great Italian wine makers. With that in mind we thought it would be a good idea to explore a little bit of their history and to take a look at one of the wines that has really helped them to make their name.

The History

The Majolini family can trace their roots back through the centuries and have been extremely important to the continued development of the Italian wine industry. In fact, they have been established since the fifteenth century, when the family first arrived in Orme and began to immediately make a name for themselves in the wine industry.

In fact, their name itself is actually borrowed from a famous grape that is used in the region, which immediately reinforces their close ties to the industry in addition to demonstrating their dedication. This is a family for whom making wine is in the blood and has been for many hundreds of years, so it is no surprise that they have garnered such a great reputation and have been able to make some truly amazing wines.

The company has developed very strong ties with the area over the years that have followed, bringing each generation of the family great joy and increasing success. Nowhere is this more true than with the passion for winemaking that every member of the family has inherited. However, it is in recent years that they have truly begun to re-establish their name amongst the great winemakers.

The patriarch of the current generation of the Majolini family was the catalyst for this reinvention, as Valentino put great effort into renovating their existing vineyards and farmland so that the company could keep up with modern innovations while continuing to produce wines that stayed close to their roots.

The old family winery was remodelled to allow for increased production and the family began to increasingly cultivate the Ruc di Gnoc vineyard that is used to help them to grow the vast majority of their grapes and is the area responsible for a great wine that shares the name.

The family has continued this excellent work, with Valentino’s children now taking on the bulk of the company. They have continued his eye for expansion, with the acquisition of the Campei area in the 1990s playing an enormous role in the development of the brand and the wines that they produce in recent years.

This reinforcement of the dedication to the industry that allowed the family to make its name has been reflected in an increased level of popularity, at least on the domestic level. In addition to renovated winery that was worked on by Valentino, the family has now developed and taken ownership of a brand new winery that is intended to help them to keep up with the increasing demand for their products.

This new winery, which is situated in a stunning valley that embodies the natural beauty of the Orme area, covers 4,000 meters and is a definite statement of intent from the company. They have re-established themselves as a truly great winemaker and they are also dedicated to maintaining this reputation for many years to come.

Today they place an enormous amount of importance on continued research and development of their wines, with the overall aim being to continue developing a reputation as an innovator while also staying true to the rich heritage that brought them into the industry in the first place. The best way to do that is to continue developing truly great wines that people will love for years to come, which is just what the family is doing in the current era.

Majolini Franciacorta Saten 2010

Of all of the great wines that come from the company, we have decided to shine a spotlight on the Majolini Franciacorta Saten 2010. This fairly recent sparkling white is more than capable of standing against Prosecco and other famous Italian sparkling wines as a drink of true beauty that is more than worth exploring. It makes for a great aperitif, but can also be consumed with a number of different foods – thus making it one of the most versatile wines that we currently offer through our online store.

As for the wine itself, it has a gorgeous a refreshing taste that evokes hints of toasted bread that is very appealing to the palate.

This soon gives way to a much fruitier taste that features a creamy taste quite unlike any other wines from the region. This makes it ideal for practically any occasion in addition to making the wine extremely interesting in its own right.

We heartily recommend that wine lovers give it a chance, if they haven’t already discovered the vintage for themselves. While the company may not be the most renowned in the world, part of the joy of great Italian wine is that the industry is so large that there is always an undiscovered gem just waiting around the corner. The Majolini Franciacorta Saten 2010 is one such gem.


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