Red or White Italian Wine at Christmas – Which is the Best Choice?

As every week passes, we’re drawing ever closer to the big day. Christmas is just over the horizon and we’re sure that you’re preparing for the rush that’s going to come in just a few weeks’ time.

Perhaps you’re the one who’s responsible for cooking the Christmas meal this year. Or maybe you’re planning on having a few friends around for a little party at some point during the festivities.

Either way, you’re going to need one thing…

Italian wine

The festive spirit tends to dampen when there’s no wine around, so you need to make sure that you have plenty in supply. But before you go searching for specific vintages, there’s a key question that you need to answer.

Do you go for red or white Italian wine?

In this article, we’re going to pit the two main types of wine against each other to see which one comes out on top.

Italian Red Wine – It’s Best for the Meal

The typical Christmas meal involves a lot of meats, veg, and rich foods. With so much going on, it’s easy for a white wine to end up feeling a little lost in the mix. A beef gravy, for example, is quickly going to drown out any white wines that you might think of.

You need something with a little more richness and complexity, which is where red wines come in.

A red wine isn’t going to get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of the foods that you’re going to consume over Christmas. In fact, it’s more likely to complement the flavours that you’ll experience in the meals, especially when it comes to the rich desserts that so many love at Christmas.

Italian White Wine – The Quick Refresher

Just picture the scene.

The huge meal is over and done with and everybody’s lounging around. There’s still plenty more of the day to enjoy but nobody seems to be able to drag themselves back onto their feet.

You need a second wind and you’re not going to get it from a red wine. The heaviness of red wines tend to relax you even more and you may find yourself slipping into sleep if you stick with them.

When everybody’s energy is starting to flag, this is when white wines come to the rescue.

A white wine typically offers a more refreshing and acidic taste than a red wine. And often, that’s more than enough to shock your system back into active mode again.

On top of that, white wines are lighter than their red counterparts. When you have a bellyful of food, you probably don’t want to drink a heavier wine.

Italian Red Wine – It May Just be Better for You

There’s a definite argument that red wine is better for you than white, particularly in regards to its antioxidant content. Some may point to this being a reason to choose red over white on a day when you’re going to spend all of your time eating tons of unhealthy foods.

We’re not wholly convinced by this argument, especially as Christmas is generally a time for excess. You’re probably going to drink a little more red wine than you normally would on this particular day. But then again, you’d drink the same amount of white wine too. If you have to drink one of them to excess, perhaps it’s best to go with the one that’s probably the healthier of the too.

Italian White Wine – It’s Great for Newbies

As shocking as it may be to you…not everybody who comes to your Christmas meal is going to be a regular wine drinker.

Yes, you may barely be able to imagine a life without wine. But for many people out there, wine is a very occasional drink. Christmas is one of the few times when they may have a glass.

For those people, a red wine probably isn’t the best choice. And to figure out why, just think back to your first taste of red wine. It probably came after you’d tried white first, right?

That’s because white wines are generally more suitable for somebody who isn’t a regular wine drinker. White wines are less complex and have a fruitier sensibility, without as many strange notes.

If you have a wine newbie at the table, they’re likely going to enjoy a white wine ahead of a red.

Italian Red Wine – A Tribute to Santa

The jolly old present giver wears a red suit.

What better way to give your thanks to him than to drink a wine that’s an even deeper red that the suit that Santa wears.

Okay, okay, you caught us. This isn’t exactly the most serious reason for drinking red wine in the world. But having said that, red is a colour that’s commonly associated with Christmas in many locations. It seems only fitting that you drink a wine that matches the colour of the season.

See! There was a semi-serious point buried in there after all.

Italian White Wine – The Bubbly!

Do you know what you’re missing out on if you only have Italian red wine at the dinner table?

You’re missing the thrill of popping the cork on a bottle of sparkling wine.

Like it or not, most sparkling wines are of the white variety and they’re generally considered the drinks to have when you’re celebrating. And with Christmas being a celebration of everything from religion through to your family, how can you not have a bottle of sparkling white on the table?

The Final Word

So, which is the winner? Red or white?

The simple answer is both.

Why limit yourself to a certain type of wine during a season when you should want to sample everything. Having plenty of both types of wine means you have whatever you need for any mood that you might find yourself in.

In all seriousness, the only true answer is that you should buy whatever wine you prefer. After all, Christmas is a day for you and your family. That means enjoying what you enjoy, rather than what anybody tells you to enjoy.


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