Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew Review

One of the biggest issues that true wine connoisseurs face is finding a corkscrew that suits their needs. Many go for the more traditional options, which can look great as part of a wider collection and will certainly get the job done, but may not offer everything they need in terms of speed, precision and efficiency. These three factors are particularly important in situations where a lot of wine is being served, such as during large celebrations and in restaurants where wine is served as standard to all of the diners.

This necessitated a more modern solution that takes everything we know and love about traditional corkscrews and used that, alongside new technology, to create a product that offers everything a wine lover could need when it comes to de-corking their wines. The end result was the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew, so here we are going to take a closer look at what it is and what it brings to the table.

The Basic Idea

Pulltex aimed to create a corkscrew that is as practical as it is efficient. Furthermore, the company knows that a lot of people don’t want to spend a lot of money on a corkscrew, instead preferring to spend their hard-earned cash on new vintages, which led them to work on a design that could be produced at a low cost, thus ensuring that buyers didn’t feel the sting in their wallets after making the purchase.

Of course, practicality is also an issue, but Pulltex have you covered here. Everything about this corkscrew is dedicated to ensuring that you are able to remove corks while having as little effect on the wine inside your bottle as possible. You won’t need to worry about corks breaking apart during removal or have to deal with undesirable flavours being transferred to your wines when you use the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew.

Instead, what you have is a corkscrew that is extremely easy to use and immensely satisfying in its operation. This has led to it becoming one of the most popular corkscrews on the market, particularly in wineries and restaurants where speed is of the essence and the reviews placed by diners may be sullied by the introduction of contaminants into the wines that they serve.

The Features

So what is it about the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew that makes it so special? Well there are more than a few answers to that question, so let’s take a look at the product in a little bit more detail so you know exactly what you can expect when you buy it.

Teflon Coated­ – Any cooking fans will be able to tell you just how revolutionary Teflon has been in the kitchen. No self-respecting chef works without pots and pans that are coated in the substance and they have long been known to offer great protection to food, while also ensuring that no undesirable substances stick to them. These qualities have been transferred over to the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew. Not only does this mean that the corkscrew will not carry over contaminants that could cause issues with the wine, but it also makes it exceptionally easy to clean, which means you don’t need to worry about wines mingling due to residue from a previously-opened bottle being carried over to the one you are opening now.

The Grading System – Another fairly unique feature of the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew is the fact that it contains a grading system that allows the user to determine just how deep the screw should be dug into the cork. This is ideal because different producers will use various cork sizes when sealing their bottles and digging down too far could result in the screw touching the wine, which could be a problem even with a modern corkscrew like the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew. Instead, you can use the handy lever on the side of the product, which is described in full in the instructions, to make sure you dig down deep enough to remove the corkscrew without issue, while also ensuring that you don’t go too far and risk contaminating your wine.

In-built Knife­ – Of course, we also know that most corked bottles, particularly of new vintages, will come with a foil wrapping over the cork that is intended to keep contaminants away from the cork itself. This wrapping needs to be removed before the cork is popped and not all bottles will have in-built systems to allow for speedy removal. The Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew has you covered here too, as it comes with a handy knife that can be used to slice through the foil as though it wasn’t even there. Then you can get to popping corks with abandon.

A Modern Design – Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew, especially to those who have modern kitchens and home décor, is the design. Many a traditional corkscrew looks somewhat out of place when it is stored in a modern kitchen, but that won’t be a problem here. Instead you get a nice and compact product that will be right at home sitting alongside your knives, appliances and anything else that traditional corkscrews might be at odds with.

The Final Word

The Pulltex name has long been known amongst wine aficionados and the company has developed a reputation for undiluted quality in practically every product that they have produced. Many a connoisseur has a full set of Pulltex accoutrements to ensure they get the most out of their wines, while also impressing any dinner guests they have over at the same time.

The Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew is a worthy addition to that list of products. If you choose to buy it you will likely never need another corkscrew, as the products obvious quality is matched only by its reliability. If you would like to find out more about the Pulltex Brucart Corkscrew, or the range of other corkscrews and products that we have to offer here at Xtrawine, please don’t hesitate to visit our site. We will be more than happy to help you find the product that you need to make your wine collection complete.



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