Some winemakers have almost a sixth sense when it comes to sniffing out the potential in a grape. The absolute best of these visionaries are capable of not only building on the reputations of wines that may have fallen on harder times, but also reinventing some classic wines to bring them to entirely new generations by lending a brand new spin on them.

Throughout the latter part of the 20th century, the Italian wine industry saw a slew of such visionaries come to the fore. Equipped both with respect for the traditions that the industry holds dear and an array of ideas for what they could do to make things a little better, these people often started their own companies so that they would have more freedom to try new things and bring something completely unique to the world of Italian wine.

That’s where we stand with today’s company. From humble beginnings they have built themselves up to become one of the most respected names in the Italian wine industry, and it all comes from the power of their hard work. We bring you Capichera.

The History

The story of Capichera starts in the 1980s. That is when Arzachena, Sardinia, Fabrizio and Mario Ragnedda first struck upon the great potential held by the Vermentino grape, which many had written off as being of little import when compared to the many great Italian wine grapes.

In particular, they saw within the grape the potential to compete with some of the finest white wines in the world. Vermintino di Galluro, which is a staple of the company’s family vineyard, could do so much more than it already had and the men behind Capichera were determined to show the world.

They instantly noticed the link between the qualities of the grape and the soil from which it grew. The Capichera soil is renowned for is coastal qualities, with a fine granite layer offering an additional earthy texture to the wines the company produces. It is in this that the family saw the opportunity to create a new opening in the wine industry. One in which they could not only highlight the qualities of the grape, but also show how they could put a spin on it to make it standout as a grape that is synonymous with Capichera.

Using some extremely innovative techniques, including being the first to use barriques while producing Vermentino wines, Capcihera set about making its dream of highlighting the grape, and by extension the company, a reality. They set new standards in quality and quickly achieved their goal of becoming one with the family grape. Since the very beginning of the company, that single family vineyard has been the home from which its wines have come. Over time, the strength of the land and the quality of its grapes has only improved. It’s a change that is reflected ably in every single wine that the company produces.

Today, Capichera is looked upon as a true symbol of Italian Vermentino. The company has taken a grape that had little renown and single-handedly caused a re-examination of its qualities to be undertaken by some of the world’s leading oenologists. In short, the company has not only carved out a strong niche for itself, but it has also stood at the forefront of the wine renaissance that has come out of Sardinia, helping the region once again establish itself as truly special. The uniqueness of Capchera’s wines have made them the benchmark against which all other Vermentino’s are judged against. It is a reputation that the company will work hard to live up to and they continue to stand at the top of the Vermentino revolution.

The work hasn’t ended there either. In the 1990s, the company acquired even more land, allowing it to explore new production techniques with different varieties of grapes. The aim? To do for other grapes what they have done for Vermentino.

Two properties in Palau and Olbia have allowed the company to produce red wines and Capichera is quickly working on building its reputation as a producer of wines using the Carignano and Syrah grapes. While they may not have quite achieved the same reputation for their red wines as they have for their whites, you have to believe that it is only a matter of time before the committed minds behind the company have reached their goal.

We truly believe that, given enough time, Vermentino will stand alongside some of the most famous white wine varieties in the world, thanks almost solely to the work of the Capichera family. We know for certain that the family will not rest until it has achieved the highest possible quality from its wines, which is why we are going to shine a spotlight on one of its most recent vintages.


Don’t for a second allow the rather simple name to fool you. Capichera is not a company for making grand statements with the way it names its wines. Instead, it wants to make sure you know exactly what you are getting, which is a quality wine product every single time. That’s why its eponymous wine has been the flagship for the company since its formation in the 1980s.

The delectable Capichera 2015 opens with the tell-tale straw yellow colouring that tells you this is a wine that has been aged to perfection. The subtlest golden wisps tease the drinker further.

To the nose, this simply named wine brings together a complex bouquet of aromas. You will spot beautiful floral notes almost immediately, with hawthorn, rosemary, and lavender quickly making themselves known. A deeper exploration reveals pineapple and flint hiding just below the surface.

To the taste, the wine is both dry and extremely lively. It will dance around your tongue, absorbing you into its deliciously full flavour and enveloping your senses with the fruity and floral flavours that the bouquet hinted at.

It is all rounded out with a long mineral flavour that hints at the quality of the land from which the wine came.


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