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The King of wines. We have spoken about it so many times in the past, and with good reason. Barolo has been, for centuries, one of the most famous Italian wines in the world. It’s enjoyed by everybody from the royalty that have the wine its name to the connoisseurs that appreciate the many intricacies that go into the creation of a good vintage.

The name carries a certain amount of weight in the Italian wine community and that weight brings with it a reputation. Barolo is a great wine precisely because its producers have dedicated themselves to everything that makes the wine so special.

That’s why it takes a producer with a great deal of talent if a Barolo is to stand out from the pack. Most of the Barolos you will drink are good. But only a few are great.

This week, we will be looking at a producer that is capable of making great Barolo. Brezza has, for many years, dedicated itself to the production and promotion of Barolo, both in Italy and the world at large.

We’ll take a look at one of its most recent creations at the bottom of the piece. First, let’s take a look at the story of the Brezza family and the wine company that they founded.

The History

It was 1885. That is when the Brezza family came into ownership of the vineyards that they still use to this day to create their amazing wines. Those first few years of ownership were dedicated more to tending the vine than to reaping its produce. The Brezzas of the 19th century were just as intent on making great wines as their children are today.

Along with his father, Antonio, Giacomo Brezza dedicated himself to the family’s vineyards. He toiled in the soil to grow grapes worthy of the family name and, in 1910, he finally succeeded. Brezza produced its very first bottle of wine in that year. In doing so, the company started a legacy that has carried forth to today.

You’ll find the Brezza family near the village that lends their most famous wine its name. The vineyards are nestled just outside the city of the Barolo village, but they look far different now to how they did in 1885. The Brezza family’s reputation and fortunes have grown over the course of a century. The vineyards they have cared for over the years are now complemented with by a hotel and restaurant, all of which fall under the family’s ownership and offer visitors the chance to get a real taste for what makes them so special.

Now in its fourth generation of ownership, Brezza is as steadfast in its dedication to its land as it is to the innovation that often proves so important in the Italian wine industry. In more recent times, this dedication has manifested itself as a push towards organic farming methods. The Brezzas have always held great love for their land and organic farming allows them to preserve that land so future generations can enjoy its fruits. Harmony is key in the Brezza philosophy and it is through this that the company has become one of Italy’s leading producers of single grape wines.

The family undertakes a rigorous routing of pruning and thinning to ensure only the best of the grapes it produces reach the wine bottle. They also use fertilisers that have no chemicals, thus ensuring their soil retains its vitality and is capable of producing great grapes while also having its own effect on the wines the company produces. That philosophy has led to their vineyards being packed with vines that have lasted for decades. Some of its hardiest vines have existed for over 70 years and will enjoy many more years of health following the family’s adoption of organic farming practices.

The passion the Brezzas have for their land shines through in how they harvest its produce. Relying on machinery as little as possible, the company instead prefers to handpick their grapes so they can see exactly which ones have reached the correct levels of maturity and quality.

Innovation has always been key in the Brezza philosophy. The move towards organic shows that, but in more recent years the company has innovated in other ways. The debate still rages about whether cork or screw tops are best when it comes to preserving wines. The Brezzas have taken a different tack.

Over a decade ago, the family started doing something that few other wine producers do. They invested in special glass stoppers for their bottles. That extra cost shows the respect the Brezzas have for their wines. Glass stoppers preserve the characteristics their wines possess, ensuring that customers always enjoy the best the family has to offer.

Speaking of which, it’s about time that we take a look at one of the best wines to emerge from the family in quite some time.

Brezza Barolo 2013

Brezza produces several versions of Barolo, but it is the most simply named of the lot that tends to receive the most plaudits. Its 2013 vintage was particularly special and stands out as one of the best examples of Barolo to come from the year.

With great appreciation for the many variations of Barolo, Brezza has created a vintage that is fully representative of the land the company has spent so long caring for. Made entirely using Nebbiolo grapes, the wine has a stunningly expressive aroma that will captivate you from the moment you open it.

Elegance is a keyword with the Brezza Barolo 2013, and you will soon find yourself awash with flavour as the wine sweeps you away with it. Though best consumed after ageing, this wine still tastes wonderful while young, which is not something you can say of many other Barolos.

All of this comes at a lower price than you may expect. For less than €30 you can get your hands on a bottle. We wholeheartedly recommend it because we believe this is one of the best Barolos that you will find on Xtrawine.

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