The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Wine Lovers

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Christmas is fast approaching once again and we are sure that many of you are in a rush to get all of your shopping out of the way. Unfortunately, finding the perfect gift can often be an arduous task, but things are made easier if you are buying for a wine lover. After all, there are so many amazing presents out there that you really can’t go wrong as long as you put a little thought into it.

Need a helping hand? There let’s take a look at some of the best Christmas presents that you can buy wine lovers in 2016.

Their Favourite Wine

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way first. There is no wine lover who is not going to appreciate being gifted a bottle of their favourite wine during the festive period. If you don’t know what it is, try to turn any conversation you have to wine and talk about your own favourites. This should lead your loved one to doing the same and you have a readymade list of potential gifts. Of course, if you are feeling particular confident you could also take the risk of buying a wine that the person has never tried before.

A Good Corkscrew

A nice corkscrew can be found in many a wine lovers collection, but if your loved one doesn’t have one it also makes a perfect gift. There are many choices available to you, from vintage corkscrews that offer a rustic feel through to modern equivalents that focus in efficiency and versatility. Think about what your friend would appreciate the most when making your choice.

A Wine Tasting Tour

If you really want to treat your friend and it is within your budget to do so, you could give send them on a wine tasting tour that will allow them to experience a range of different wines, often alongside the foods that complement them best. Have a look round for wine tasting events in your local area if you are strapped for cash, but keep in mind that many wineries offer dedicated tours and events that can fit into your budget if you look hard enough.

A Wine Thermometer

We featured a Pulltex wine thermometer a little while ago on our blog and we maintain that it is an ideal and cost-effective gift to buy for anybody who likes to enjoy their wines at the peak of their powers. Look for a thermometer that can be strapped around the bottle, as this ensures the thermometer doesn’t come into contact with the wine itself, thus ensuring no contamination occurs. A good wine thermometer is ideal for those who are unsure how long they should chill a wine and the newest examples can be used very easily.

A Grapevine Gift Crate

Now we are getting into the really creative stuff. A number of companies offer what are known as Grapevine gift crates. These are exactly what they say they are on the box, in that they are crates that contains a vine that can be used to grow grapes. Better yet, most of them come with instructions that will help your wine loving friend or relative create their own wines out of the grapes their vines can grow. It offers just a little taste of the winemaking experience and allows the recipient to really get to grips with the art of making wine.

A Set of Wine Glasses

What good would wine be if we didn’t have the glasses to drink it from? A good wine glass can actually make a huge difference in the quality of the wine itself. For example, somebody who only has thin glasses may not be getting the most out of their red wines as they don’t allow for full aeration, whereas people with larger glasses may end up spoiling more delicate wines. Think about what your loved one needs and pick a set that is of sufficient quality.

The World Atlas of Wine

True wine lovers will want to find out everything they can about the drinks they consume. While there is plenty of information available on the Internet, the World Atlas of Wine is probably the most comprehensive book available on the subject. It features beautiful illustrations and goes into great detail about the history of the wines it contains and the industry as a whole. It’s a perfect coffee table book for those who want to learn as much as possible about the industry.

A Vacuum Pump

There are few things that are more upsetting to the wine lover than to open a bottle of wine on one day, only to leave it for a while to find that it has completely lost its quality. A vacuum pump can eliminate this issue by getting rid of the oxygen and other gases that cause the wine to spoil once it has been opened. From there you can reseal the bottle and open it a later date to find that it has maintained most of its complexion. There are few better gifts for the occasional wine drinker.

A Good Film

There are plenty of great films that are dedicated to the wonderful world of wine. Sideways may be amongst the most famous, but there are plenty of others plus a bunch of documentary features that can offer people more insight into the workings of the wine industry. If you really can’t think of a wine-based gift to buy your loved one, a good film can often be the right choice. It doesn’t even have to be about wine either. After all, one of the greatest pleasures in life is watching a good film with a nice glass of wine.

A Carry Case

Does your loved one attend a lot of dinner parties? Transporting bottles of wine to other destinations carries a lot of risk, so why not give them the gift of a good carry case. Xtrawine offers a number of options, from leather cases through to varnished boxes, plus they make excellent decorative items when not in use.

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